Customer Stories

If you've bought a house before, we won't need to tell you how long it can take. So needless to say, we get to know our customers fairly well throughout the process! Believe it or not, there's no typical 'Homewise customer'. Everyone that we speak to is completely different, with their own unique aims, aspirations and dreams. It's our job to help them realise those dreams, and some of the stories we encounter along the way are truly inspirational.

Here are just a few of our happy customers looking to share their stories. For some, it's simply about enjoying retirement. For others, the Home for Life Plan has given much needed security and hope for the future.

Ron and Val

Living in Norfolk, Ron and Val were a five-hour train journey away from their sons in London. Here’s their Home for Life story about their move down to the South Coast.

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Having bought at the top of the market twice, Brad couldn’t quite afford the type of property he really wanted and was concerned that the Home for Life Plan was like equity release.

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Jane and Tony

Jane and Tony emigrated to Spain in 2007, but property prices there have suffered and their property had decreased in value. Here’s their Home for Life story about moving back home.

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Hugh and Helen

Hugh and Helen could have bought without Homewise, but with children living in Australia and South Africa, they wanted to keep enough money aside to travel and enjoy their retirements.

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David and Laurie

David and Laurie had always dreamed of retiring to a bungalow by the sea. Here’s their Home for Life story about living their dream.

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When his mum passed away, David was left with half the proceeds from the sale of her house, which would have been enough for a small flat but not the house and garden he wanted.

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Judy wanted to relocate and live closer to family but, with a limited budget, she couldn't afford the house and garden she wanted in the right location.

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