Ron and Val's story

Why Homewise?

Wanting to move from Norfolk to be closer to their sons in London, Ron and Val wished to relocate to the Sussex coast.

Unfortunately property prices in the right location were above their budget, and getting a mortgage was difficult due to their age. Faced with limited options, they were delighted to learn how a Home for Life Plan could make it possible for them to secure the perfect property.

Ron and Val were able to arrange their finances in a way that gave them much more flexibility and the boosted budget with Homewise meant they were soon able to find their perfect home in West Sussex.


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Moving made simple

With the full support of the Homewise team, and their family, Ron and Val were able to find the right home by the Sussex seaside.

They were so pleased to know they would be close enough to their two sons in London, and enjoy family weekends both in the city and in their new coastal town.


Living the dream

Having moved to the South Coast, Ron and Val love having their family come to visit, and they've also bought a beach hut on the seafront too!

With help from Homewise, Ron and Val were able to...

  • Expand their property search
  • Relocate to be nearer to family, in a more expensive area on the Sussex coast
  • Put aside funds and create savings for the future
  • Have peace of mind knowing they found their dream home and are secure for their retirement

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