David's story

Why Homewise?

After his mum passed away, David and his brother were left to split the proceeds of her house sale between them.

David wanted to have a house of his own, but his budget would only be enough to buy a small flat, and not the house and garden he wanted. Happily, David was able to benefit from an increased property budget with a Home for Life Plan, which expanded his property options.


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Moving made simple

When it came time to secure David's new home, things weren't quite as straightforward as they could've been. The property he had found had a sitting tenant who needed to be evicted before he could move in.

Thanks to the support and guidance of our Move Simply experts, everything came together and David was soon able to enjoy his new home and its beautiful garden.


Living the dream

After moving in David wanted to get stuck in with renovating his house, making it into the ideal home he wanted it to be. Complete with a new kitchen, bathroom, and picture-perfect landscaped garden.

Thanks to Homewise, David was able to...

  • Broaden his property choices with a boosted budget
  • Secure the perfect property with the ideal garden
  • Create funds to refurbish the property to his wishes
  • Set money aside to continue enjoying regular holidays

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