David and Laurie's story

Why Homewise?

David and Laurie had always dreamed of moving to a bungalow on the coast, and had their hearts set on Eastbourne. However, with an outstanding mortgage to pay off they knew that what they wanted was likely beyond their available budget.

When a friend mentioned the Home for Life Plan they found it was the perfect option for them. They could increase their property budget without having to take out a further mortgage or loan.


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Moving made simple

The Move Simply service Homewise provided was invaluable to David and Laurie. They were initially nervous about the hiccups and frustrations that can sometimes happen during the moving process.

With the full support of Homewise, David and Laurie's move to Eastbourne was simple and stress-free.


Living the dream

Since moving to Eastbourne, David and Laurie have been able to enjoy their new home and a better quality of life living by the sea.

Thanks to Homewise, David and Laurie were able to...

  • Pay off their outstanding mortgage
  • Enjoy a stress-free move
  • Find the perfect property in their dream location

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  • Takes less than 2 minutes
  • Optional inheritance adjustment
  • Instant no-obligation estimate

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