Hugh and Helen's story

Why Homewise?

Property-wise, Hugh and Helen were in a great position and could have purchased without Homewise's help. They'd seen potential properties in their ideal location, but all options within budget needed significant work ,which would have left them with very little money left over.

Thanks to the Home for Life Plan they were able to find their perfect property and still have capital behind them to enjoy in their retirement.


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Providing reassurance

Hugh first thought that the Home for Life Plan sounded too good to be true. But after speaking with Homewise he realised that our team would help him and his wife to find their perfect home.

With the help of Homewise, Hugh and Helen were able to move into their dream bungalow and set funds aside to be able to visit their children in Australia and South Africa in the years to come.


Living the dream

After moving into their beautiful bungalow, Hugh and Helen have been able to appreciate every moment of their retirement and were excited to plan many trips for the future.

Thanks to Homewise, they were able to...

  • Secure their ideal bungalow for much less than the market price
  • Put aside funds for travelling
  • Create savings for their retirement

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