Judy's story

Judy wanted to relocate and live closer to family but, with a limited budget, she couldn't afford the house and garden she wanted in the right location.

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Why the Home for Life Plan?

Judy wanted to relocate and move closer to family but, with a mortgage to pay off, she couldn’t afford much on the market in her ideal location. Judy’s local estate agent suggested the Home for Life Plan could help her increase her budget and broaden her search options, and it did!

How Homewise helped

Not having moved in 33 years, Judy was a little anxious about the moving process, but our team supported her every step of the way. She had trouble finding the right buyer for her property but, with guidance from our Move Simply experts, she soon sold and was able to find the perfect house with a wonderful garden.

Living the dream

Since moving into her new home with her cat Picky, Judy has made great friends with her new neighbours and is enjoying the semi-retired life being close to her cousin.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Homewise, they were perfect for me.


meet David

When his mum passed away, David was left with half the proceeds from the sale of her house, which would have been enough for a small flat but not the house and garden he wanted.

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