Judy's story



I heard about Homewise by looking up an estate agent, and she recommended that it could be just what I was after. I'd be able to up my price on looking for a property which has helped more variety in the properties look at but Homewise helped me immensely.

Not having moved for about 33 years, I was quite anxious about it but Homewise put me at ease and they told me not to worry about anything, they would look after me and they spoke with with my sisters because I hadn't heard of Homewise before I rang Homewise up and a very nice lady said that she could arrange an appointment with Nick Wood to come visit me and I could have friends around at the same time.

He went over things and it seemed just the sort of thing for me because I'm on my own. We went through properties I could buy and what price I could go up to and if it was the right thing for me and as I was just over 60. It was just right.

The new neighbours have been really good to me that helped me out. I didn't have a washing machine so they they helped me out. They look after Picky (my cat) when I go and stay a few nights with friends and family.

I would say Homewise is just the thing to go for if you are retired or if you need some extra income in order to buy a property, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Homewise they were perfect for me.