Jane and Tony's story

Jane and Tony emigrated to Spain in 2007, but property prices there have suffered and their property had decreased in value. Here’s their Home for Life story about moving back home.

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Moving back home

After nearly ten years in Spain, Jane and Tony made the decision to move back to the UK to be nearer to their family. As you probably know, house prices in Spain have fallen significantly since 2007 and the European financial crisis and despite having made improvements to their home, Jane and Tony struggled to find a buyer.

How Homewise helped

Eventually, after having to lower the price several times, they accepted an offer that was just half of what they originally paid. Without Homewise, it’s safe to say it would have been very difficult for Jane and Tony to find a suitable home here in the UK. Thankfully, their Home for Life saving was enough to increase their budget and for them to buy a lovely property on the South Coast.

We would have been lost without Homewise’s help.

Jane and Tony

meet Brad

Having bought at the top of the market twice, Brad couldn’t quite afford the type of property he really wanted and was concerned that the Home for Life Plan was like equity release.

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