Jane and Tony's story



We were looking for property and we found, with the money we got from selling our property in Spain, we didn't have sufficient funds. We had to climb down from the amount we paid originally for it to a selling point - and we got something but not sufficient for what we needed here in England. We lost a lot of money. We lost a lot of money - nearly 15%.

So we were looking at property which was beyond our means and we came up with the information of Homewise, made contact with them to find out if they could help us.

We contacted Homewise in May when we came over arranged a meeting and really took from... we saw the place on the 17th I think of May and we finally got the keys on the 27th of July, so it's quite quick really, considering, okay, I mean it was vacant possession anyway and we weren't on a chain so it helped - but no, it was very good, and the children were very supportive in the end.

At the beginning there was a bit you know - but no we've had the support of the family they say no it's your life, you've got to be comfortable while you're here, so you know, go ahead, it's the best thing you can do. My daughter actually realized because at the beginning she was very you know when I really approached her last year - but actually when we showed her the photograph of the place we were trying to buy, she said, "Mum, you know it's really nice, go for it", so we were very pleased.

Really, without the help of Homewise, we would have been lost without their help because we wouldn't have been able to afford to buy what we've been pleased to in fact live in as we are now.