Hugh and Helen's story

Hugh and Helen could have bought without Homewise, but with children living in Australia and South Africa, they wanted to keep enough money aside to travel and enjoy their retirements.

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Why the Home for Life Plan?

Hugh and Helen were in a great situation property-wise. They were selling a house which they were expecting to make some money out of and had seen some lovely properties in their area that they were seriously considering. However, the amount of maintenance and work needed on these homes was significant and would have left them with very little money for their retirements.

Enjoying retirement

Eventually, they found a beautiful bungalow that didn’t need any work advertised through Homewise. Using the Home for Life Plan would enable them to secure the bungalow and set some money aside to travel the world and enjoy their retirements. And that’s exactly what they’re doing!

Homewise has put no restrictions on us and we like that! We can be ourselves in our own home.

Hugh and Helen

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