David 's story

When his mum passed away, David was left with half the proceeds from the sale of her house, which would have been enough for a small flat but not the house and garden he wanted.

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Why the Home for Life Plan?

Inheritance wasn’t a worry for David as he knew his sons already had an inheritance guaranteed, but nevertheless involving his family in this decision was extremely important. David had been left half of his mum’s property when she passed away, but this wasn’t enough to get the house and garden he wanted.

How Homewise helped

Securing his new property was fairly complex for David, something that our Move Simply service helped with. The house had a tenant living there who had to be evicted before David could move in, but with the help and support of our Home Moving Team, everything came together.

Living the dream

Since moving in, David has renovated the house as he wants it to be, complete with new kitchen, bathroom and landscaped garden. He’s looking forward to his fifth holiday this year and already has three more booked for next year… it’s alright for some!

The Home for Life Plan really helped me out… It helped me secure the house I wanted and left me enough money to convert it how I wanted it to be.


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