David and Laurie's story

David and Laurie had always dreamed of retiring to a bungalow by the sea. Here’s their Home for Life story about living their dream.

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Dreaming of retirement

David and Laurie previously lived in a property in Buckinghamshire with a sizeable mortgage. They’d always wanted to live on the coast and had their hearts set on retiring to Eastbourne, but property prices on the South Coast put this seaside town beyond their budget.

Why the Home for Life Plan?

When a friend mentioned the Home for Life Plan, it was the perfect option for them. It meant they could increase their budget enough to afford their dream bungalow in Eastbourne without having to take out further mortgages or loans and the impact that this has had on their lifestyles is second to none.

How Homewise helped

As we all know, securing a home can be a complicated process. Here at Homewise, our Move Simply service is set up specifically to take some of the complexity and challenges out of moving home. For David and Laurie, this proved invaluable. In their words, “thanks to Homewise’s professionalism and care, 90% of the hiccups were taken away from us. We can’t say enough good about it.”

It was what we desperately needed. I can’t say good enough about it.

David and Laurie

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