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Over the past few months we've all had to adjust to the nationwide measures in relation to Covid-19. In doing so, keeping in good health and looking ahead to the future has become the focus for many.

Right now, the thought of moving home may have become the last thing on your mind during this time of the Coronavirus outbreak, particularly for those aged 60 and over. Your wellbeing must of course come first, and it is times like this that we reflect upon what is most important in life.


A time of reflection

Regardless of age, these extraordinary times have seen all of us slow down, look around and think about what we really want from our future. In this unsettling time, more than ever, our homes are our sanctuary. Our homes say a lot about who we are and what we think is important in life.

No matter what place you call home, the very word strikes a chord deep inside each of us. Home is a place where we can rest, relax, enjoy time with friends, learn, grow … and just be.

When we choose a home, we look for it to provide comfort, to be a place where we can feel safe and invest our hopes, dreams and wishes as a foundation for our future.

We have goals and intentions in life, to achieve from whatever type of home or location we choose to live in. But what if, during this time of ‘just being’, you’re looking around right now and thinking, “actually, this isn’t how I envisaged spending my later years”?

The things we subconsciously took for granted, now fill us with gratitude. It’s time to take stock. Taking time for reflection can bring about so much clarity, especially during a time in which you’re not placed under any unnecessary pressures.


Wanting more from life

Perhaps you aren’t retired at the age you thought you would be, perhaps you still have a mortgage, or perhaps you haven't made the move to live by the sea just yet...

Are you thinking that to change things now would bring too much upheaval? Should you even consider moving home during Coronavirus? Just when you want to be easing up and taking a simpler approach to life... Now is the perfect time to plan and set in to motion your dream retirement.

With the Coronavirus seeing continual lockdown measures being put in place (who could have imagined a virus would change things so quickly?), you could be thinking what in the world can be achieved from within these four walls right now - but you can still achieve so much and continue to plan for your future retirement years.

The ideal retirement you envisaged may seem a world away from what is actually happening outside, beyond your doorstep at this time, yet you can still pursue your dream retirement and keep moving forwards. 


Town Aerial View and Couple on Sofa


Silver linings

In a time of Coronavirus, it wouldn’t be right to put the needs of yourself first…. or would it? After years of work, surely our reward to ourselves are seeing our ultimate goals in life fulfilled.

Although this may feel like a strange time to be considering a move, it is the perfect time to be doing research and understanding what your dream retirement could look like! Where would this be, what type of home, would you be nearer family, a community, have that dream garden or a seaside view?

There will be an end to the virus. The silver lining? A renewed determination to make the dream retirement happen sooner, rather than later. I’ve worked too hard and come so far, to give up on that now. Heck, I’ve even beaten the virus; moving home and achieving the retirement lifestyle I wanted is nothing to feel defeated by.


Put the excitement back into your retirement

There’s nothing more exhilarating and exciting, than the feeling of making that decision to go forth with your hopes, dreams and lifelong intentions. Once you’re in that place, nothing can stop you on that journey.

Here at Homewise, our mission is to help people find happiness and security in their retirement. We remove the bumps, obstacles, and tricky junctions for our customers. Removing the stress and worries that are associated to moving home. Sounds too good to be true? We encourage you to read independent reviews from many of our happy customers.

Are you aged 60 or over and thinking about your future happiness? The Home for Life Plan could be the perfect solution for your needs.

To connect with customers across the country and abroad, we've always held video consultations to make sure you're able to build your bespoke Home for Life Plan, alongside your expert consultant. Since Covid-19, we now host all of our consultations online, for your safety of you and for that of our staff members.

You can also begin to identify your potential saving right now. In just a few clicks, our online Budget Booster can give you an estimate on the cost of your next move. Why not try it out today?


We’re here when you’re ready

Right now, our phone lines remain open and our team are just as busy as ever, with some members working remotely and a select-few working in the office, whilst respecting government guidance.

With consultations in full swing, why not contact us to discover together what your first steps could look like, on your journey to achieving your dream retirement.


*Original publish date 17/04/2020. Some details may have been updated to reflect new guidelines or details surrounding Covid-19. Please be sure to always check the latest Government guidelines for up to date advice.