How to look after yourself & your family during Coronavirus

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With so much information and news being regularly shared and circulated, it can be difficult to know where to look when sourcing important information about how to prevent illness and cope with the continual developments of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Common questions you may be asking

  • How can I make sure I am taking the correct measures?

  • Is there anything I could be doing to help my mental and physical wellbeing, particularly as I am having to self-isolate?

  • What services are there to support me when I'm worried or feeling lonely?

  • How do I keep my family entertained and educated when there are school closures?


Not sure where to begin? Read this quick guide to the top resources both you and your family members can benefit from, and feel at ease during this time.


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Looking After Yourself

During this period, it’s important to be putting both your physical and mental health first. When you’re self-isolating and following distancing guidelines life can seem slightly at odds in the current climate.

From connecting online to friends, family and the local community, the following information can help you feel less isolated and more in the know within your local communities.


Communicating online

Self-isolating and social distancing can sometimes feel a little lonely, however, keeping safe and well is paramount throughout these ongoing periods of lockdown. It's really important for our general wellbeing and happiness during this time that we are keeping connected. 

There are many ways you can stay connected and see friends and family. One of the most popular ways of doing this, has been by getting online and using video calling platforms! Many of them are free, easy to use, and you can talk to many friends and family members at once! Being able to see a friendly face, can have a really positive effect on what has been a tough time on everyone. 

It might seem a little daunting, but we're on hand with a free guide to make sure you're confident with the platform and are chatting away in no time. Did you know? You can run test calls and plan ahead to boost your confidence with video calling!
It's important to make sure you're relaxed, comfortable and are well set-up. We've got a quick guide full of handy tips and tricks to get you set-up in just 4 steps. 


Grab your free guide 


Community Care

With the rise in cases across the UK, there has been a continual abundance of community spirit. To feel involved from your home, why not find local community groups and notice-boards across social media? In most towns across the UK, members of the community have been offering free delivery services to those that are unable to leave their home.

Facebook is one of the best tools for this; in the search bar you can check if your local community has a group or central page, by typing in your city or town name and usually adding “community group” or “noticeboard” to the end of your search.

In some cases, there have been specific support pages set up to ensure that everyone in the local community has a central base, where they can seek help or discuss any issues or anxieties that they may have with other members within the community.

Use the Facebook Help Centre to aid you in navigating the site and joining groups that are relevant to you.

Take a look at our quick guide community support during Coronavirus also. It provides a range of resources if you wish to volunteer, but also useful links for benefiting from the available services out there.


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Mental and Physical Wellbeing

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious about the current information and news circulating, there are great resources available to keep you busy, active and at ease during this time.



From precautionary measures to having concerns over someone else’s health and wellbeing, the AgeUK website can answer many of the questions that you may have at this time.

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For all the up to date advice, direct from the government, the Gov.UK website is a good place to stay in the know, without reading many of the misinformed news reports which can feel overwhelming. From guides to staying at home to shopping for essentials and staying safe, this resource can offer clarity on your rights and current situations.

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Mind Charity

Isolation or having to work from home can be an overwhelming situation to deal with at times. It's important to keep your mind and body active. Mind have shared great solutions for staying active, getting creative and relaxing over on their website.

Other advice includes staving off those feelings of anxiousness and claustrophobia; covering many feelings you could be experiencing throughout this time.

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The NHS are working tirelessly to keep the country safe and well. Stay up to date with the latest advice on how to take care of yourself, and how to protect against the spread of Coronavirus.

Their website also includes online assessments you can take to check in on any health concerns you may have.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common issue faced by many people around the UK. The spread of Coronavirus and reports from news outlets can be alarming for many who experience OCD and could heighten aggravations and compulsions.

Head to the link to read all about the things you should still be doing, and new habits you should adopt, such as limiting your media and news time.

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Staying at Home

Whether you’re staying at home by yourself, or you have younger members of the family to look after, the thought of having to entertain them for weeks might be quite a weight on your shoulders.

With the likes of Netflix, Spotify and social media networks on hand, it's very easy to keep yourself and others entertained, but just in case, we’ve compiled a quick list of online resources that are fun for all the family.


Visit the museum virtually

Just because social distancing measures are in place across the country, that doesn't mean you can’t enjoy the attractions and tours that you’d usually be visiting. Google Arts & Culture have teamed up with 500 museums and galleries to ensure that you can still soak up all the education and culture without having to get up off your sofa.

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Listen in

Podcasts can be a great way to keep everyone entertained. From comedy, education and story-telling, it can be a great way for kids to tune out on their own, or part of a group activity, which can get them enthused in their own conversations and stories. Click through for a selection of great suggestions.

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Keep learning

In light of schools re-opening and closing across the country, it's important that learning doesn't come to a halt. Whilst there are many resources being put in place to support children and their families up and down the UK, there are some great online resources out there for all ages. BBC Bitesize is great for this as it caters for ages 3-16+.

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Enjoy gaming and learning

Online tool, Arcademics, blends both learning and arcade games. From Year One to Year Six and Geography to Division, there’s plenty of topics that are made to be entertaining, as well as valuable!

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Ready, steady, cook!

Getting little hands into cooking and baking might not only help alleviate boredom around the home, but it can also be a great point at which to teach the younger members of the family, the importance of washing their hands. For all of those easy and stress-free recipes, BBC Good Food has us covered.

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Volunteer and support others 

Many will be wanting to help others during this time, and it may be difficult to know where to begin whilst isolating - read our quick guide for top resources to point you in the right direction and learn how you can volunteer from home



Daily exercise

It's important to remain active, and to go about your normal routine as much as possible, even if that means you enjoy heading outside for a run! Under current circumstances, it's still safe to go on your usual daily run. 

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Getting involved in these activities can also be a great way of taking your mind off the current issues, helping you to relax and clear your mind whilst at home.

Don't forget, keeping your mind healthy through regular 'exercise' can also have benefits to your wellbeing during this time. Try these 5 simple brain exercises today.


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Your best interests always come first


In the light of the ongoing Coronavirus concerns across the nation, we want to reassure you that the wellbeing of both our customers and staff continue to remain our priority.

We take pride in our Home for Life Plan being completely bespoke to the needs and wants of our customers. This stands true throughout the issues the we are all currently facing.

As part of our bespoke plan we conduct consultations. These involve a meeting, typically in the home of our customers, with one of our Senior Consultants. This is to assess the wants and needs of those we help, and to discuss the steps we can take to help them achieve their moving goals.

In light of the current health concerns, particularly for our customers, Homewise will be conducting all consultations over the phone or via video conferencing at this time. Please see our guidance page for further details on how we continue to look after the best interests of our customers, partners and team of staff.


Got a question about moving home during these times?

Read our commonly asked questions about the impact of Coronavirus to your move, and learn how we're still here to help you.




Here at Homewise, we’re still here to help with your move and will continue to adapt to the changing events that Coronavirus may bring about. Contact our team for further information on how Homewise could help you find your future home in retirement.
It is also advisable to keep up to date with the current Government Guidelines, regarding Coronavirus and the process of moving home. 

You can also use our online calculator to get an estimate of the saving you could be making on your next home move, without having to speak to anyone in our team! Why not try it today?

Whether you’re a current or prospective customer, our expert customer service team is on hand to answer any concerns or questions that you may have. Just give us a call on 0808 2732 617.

*Original publish date 19/03/2020. Some details may have been updated to reflect new guidelines or details surrounding Covid-19. Please be sure to always check the latest Government guidelines for up to date advice.

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