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If you’re thinking of refreshing or modernising your home but you’re on a strict budget, then there are numerous easy, affordable fixes that will give any property a new lease of life. Read on for our 8 top tips to modernise your home on a budget.


1. First impressions matter

Tatty-looking windows and doors can really date a home. If your budget can stretch to it, consider replacing with hardwood frames, or on-trend Crittal-style steel ones. If that's too expensive, repainting in a more contemporary shade will add instant visual appeal – opt for fashionable yet classic hues such as soft grey and pale duck egg greens and blues.

If the exterior of your house looks dirty, then hire or buy a pressure washer to blast away dirt. They can also be used to clean patios or driveways, and is a simple yet effective way of modernising your home.

Could your property’s exterior make a better first impression? Try these 4 simple ways to boost your curb appeal and give your home the wow-factor!


2. Give your kitchen a facelift

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. Unfortunately, having a brand-new one designed and fitted can cost thousands of pounds, making it prohibitive for many.

Small and simple tweaks, such as replacing cabinet and drawer handles or repainting the cupboard doors and using some vinyl on the worktops can give your kitchen a new lease of life!

There are a number of different companies that offer paints that adhere to kitchen cabinets, including Annie Sloan and Farrow and Ball. The paints come in many colours, so you have a lot to choose from and can give your entire kitchen a brand new look.

Don’t forget to declutter and tidy your surfaces, this can make a huge difference to feel and usability of your kitchen. As we said, the kitchen is the centrepiece of the house, so should be at the top of the list for areas to modernise and showcase your home in the best light.


stylish bathroom and kitchen designs


3. Revamp your bathroom

Bathrooms are often one of the last rooms in a house to be updated and, if your budget doesn’t stretch to a complete overhaul, there are some easy cosmetic tweaks you can make.

Dirty fixtures are never appealing so give tiles and grouting a deep clean and scour lime scale off the toilet, bathtub and sink. Replacing accessories like shower curtains, towels and even toilet seats can make a big visual impact. Plus, by simply freshening up your paintwork and hiding your toiletries from view, you can easily create a more streamlined aesthetic which will modernise your home with very little cost.


4. Hide your clutter

Clutter can instantly make a home feel out-dated and uninviting. If you're planning to move, it's worth thinking about packing some of your belongings early. It can really help to showcase the space that your current home would have to offer a new owner.

If your available space is limited, multi-functional furniture and hidden storage is a simple way to declutter your home and give your space a modern feel. Installing generous storage is a quick and easy way to make your home feel clean and decluttered, which will also make it more appealing to prospective buyers if you are preparing your house for sale.

Built-in wardrobes and cupboards are the most obvious solution, but it also pays to be creative – from floating shelves to using the space under your staircase! Looking for tips to help you organise your space? Read our quick guide on how to declutter your home.


Creative storage ideas


5. Upgrade your lighting

Clever lighting can transform and modernise a home. It can turn a dark, small space into a warm and cosy room, bringing out the best in the colour scheme or make the room appear larger.

Considered lighting choices can also add aesthetic appeal. Whether that's a statement pendant lamp above a kitchen island, hidden spotlights or pretty table lamps that brighten up gloomy corners, you can create character and modernise every room in minutes!

For more inspiration and tips check out these lighting design ideas From the Homebuilding website.


6. Shop around

If your budget for new furniture and accessories is limited, venture beyond the high street. Sites such as eBay, Etsy and Gumtree are all great sources for pre-loved and antique furniture, often at very reasonable prices.

Charity shops like British Heart Foundation, flea markets and house auctions are also worth visiting – not just for furniture but also for vintage fabrics that be used to create things like cushion covers and curtains.

You should also find out if any of your friends and family are modernising their homes or moving, to see if they have any unwanted items they want to donate. It can be easy to refurbish bargain pieces. By sanding, painting and polishing furniture, or reupholstering chairs and sofas in your favourite fabrics, you can modernise your rooms and bring a new lease of life to your recycled pieces!


7. Refresh your walls

When it comes to redecorating your home, paint and wallpaper are the most effective tools in your arsenal and if you are a keen DIYer then they are the only costs for decorating. However, the colour scheme you choose is important, especially when decorating a very small room, or one you spend a lot of time in.

Dark shades can make smaller rooms seem poky, so opt for paler, lighter hues, while bold colours can sometimes deter buyers if you’re looking to sell. Likewise, with wallpapers avoid busy, bright patterns, or consider papering just one wall for maximum impact, and leaving the others plain. Read our quick guide to adding colour to your home for inspiration.

A couple standing on a ladder with paint rollers

Don't forget about your floors as well. Re-sanding and resealing wooden floorboards will add instant polish (and value) to a room. The same goes for your doors - sand and repaint them a fresh new hue and consider replacing knobs and handles with pretty new ones. Your home will feel modernised and fresh in an instant!


8. Make the most of your green spaces

Whether you have a large garden to tame or a smaller outdoor space that needs a bit of reviving - creating an enjoyable and appealing outdoor area can modernise your home.

Have you considered how furniture choices can make a big difference? Well-chosen and attractive outdoor furniture – benches, tables and chairs – can make your lawn or patio look bigger than it really is and even invite guests to enjoy some warm summer evenings in your garden!

Investing a bit of time and money in landscaping can also make a house look much smarter, even if it's just planting fresh flowers or installing decking to create a terrace.

Keeping up with basic garden maintenance is also important, from trimming hedges to painting fences and sheds, which are simple but effective ways of modernising your home. Read our 6 easy ways to create a stunning smaller garden for further inspiration!



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