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Spring has almost sprung, and with the promise of summer (hopefully) right around the corner that means warm evenings and all they can involve are in the future. Now is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the lighter evenings and get ready to relax out in the fresh air!

To celebrate the summer evenings, here are 3 simple steps to create the perfect garden you can enjoy in the evening.

Gathering with friends at night


1. Plan ahead with your planting

When you’re planting or planning your garden, whether it's to look good at night, or during the day, look ahead to the lighter evenings you’ll be enjoying and consider the perfect plants and herbs.

Plant flowers that have a stronger scent at night, for example honeysuckle, wisteria, star jasmine or the appropriately-named moonflower. These plants all have a beautiful perfume that is especially strong at night and are perfect for growing against a wall or fence. Not sure which plants to choose? Visit the Gardeners’ World website and find out which plants have the best evening scent

Don’t forget about all the entertaining you’ll be doing this summer. Grow herbs that will not only give a lovely aroma to your evening garden but can also be a delicious addition to your cocktails and your cooking, especially for your evening barbeques. Enjoy fresh mint in your mojito from your very own garden! Visit the Readers’ Digest website for their guide to the 10 best herbs to grow in your garden.


2. Get creative with colour

Whether you’re creating a personal haven to retreat to or a vibrant hub for entertaining (or both!), be sure to embrace a little colour with your plants, furniture and accessories for your evening garden.

Colour can add a little excitement to your garden in the evening and will brighten up your entertaining areas. You could create your own soft furnishings in a range of colours to suit your evening garden or buy fun accessories to bring outdoors when you’re enjoying your garden in the evening. There are so many options when it comes to cushions, in beautiful, vibrant or natural colours.

Think about your furniture too. Garden furniture should be weatherproof, but you also want it to suit your personal style! Invest in garden furniture you can relax and unwind on in the evening and remember you can decorate or customise with cushions and throws to give them a little pizzazz. Take a look at these ideas for cosy structures you could enjoy in your garden.

Why not get creative and make some DIY garden accessories? This the perfect way to add your own personal touch to your evening garden and offers the freedom to customise your garden for the evening as much as you like. Got a few spare tiles? Make a mosaic feature piece or side table! Not only could this add a splash of colour to your garden in the evening, but it could be a great conversation starter when entertaining.


A collection of different soft furnishings for the garden 

3. Set the scene

They key to the perfect evening spent in your garden is the lighting. To really benefit from your garden at night you’ll want to create a space you can continue to enjoy as the light fades. So, make sure the lighting in your garden is perfect for your evening plans.

Fairy lights and lanterns give the garden a soft and cosy feel, while larger lamps and heaters can brighten the area for entertaining. A fire pit can also add great lighting and atmosphere to your garden in the evening, plus it’s a fabulous way to keep you and your guests warm on a cooler night!

If tea lights and lanterns aren’t going to generate enough light for your evening plans, have you considered solar powered lights? They offer an eco-friendly way to light up the garden and come in many shape and sizes!

Your garden lighting can be a simple or as lavish as you like, and you could even add a few homemade additions to set the scene. If you enjoy upcycling and crafting, creating your own mood lighting could be the perfect task for you!

Garden lit at night If you’re looking for a more low maintenance garden, or already have a smaller space to look after, read our guide to creating a stunning small garden to enjoy all year round!



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