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We’re headed into summer and, with the weather warming up, we are able to enjoy longer, brighter days. It’s also nice enough to get out into the garden if you haven’t already.

After the colder winter months, it’s likely that your garden needs a little TLC. Perhaps it’s looking a little overgrown or plants need to be replaced.

If you’re not sure where to begin when it comes to returning your garden to its former glory, let us help you figure it out.

Here is where it may sound as though we’re channelling Marie Kondo. Does your garden currently bring you joy?

If you want to spend less time looking after your garden and more time enjoying the fruits of your labour with friends and family then ensuring it’s an easier to manage space with low-maintenance plants could be just the thing.

Try these three simple steps to help you achieve a beautiful garden you can enjoy all year round.

large landscaped garden

Step 1. Understand your space

Take a good look at the space you have available, perhaps even draw an outline of what you have to work with. Understanding the area available, as well as your goals for the garden, will help when it comes to making key decisions for managing a large garden.

Separating your space into zones could also help reduce how much time you spend looking after your garden, as well as give you more ways to enjoy the outdoor space.

One great way to divide the space is by use. You could, for example, have an area filled with wildflowers for attracting wildlife, with bird feeders and flowing water, and a separate area for entertaining with a table and chairs and plant-filled pots. There are so many options.

Blooming wildflowers

If your garden is mostly lawn and you no longer wish to spend hours on the weekend mowing and tending it, one option is to replace it with artificial grass.

Turf is great way to ensure you have healthy-looking, green grass all year round, without the effort of spending long hours mowing, fertilizing or any upkeep at all! Turf is easy to purchase online, but it’s best to have it installed by professionals to make sure it’s done properly and there are no problems in the future.

Of course, another way to reduce time spent maintaining the lawn is to replace all or part of it with patio or decking.

Both options are incredibly versatile and with the addition of a comfortable seating area, or even a barbeque you can give your garden added personality and make it the perfect spot for entertaining. It could be the perfect setting for relaxing and entertaining all year round!

Like to entertain? Learn how you can create the perfect evening garden for you and your guests to enjoy.

Couple lounging in garden

Step 2. Get creative with your plants

Making your large garden easier to manage doesn’t mean it’ll look bland and boring. By carefully choosing the right plants for your space you’ll be able to control the level of maintenance and still boost a creative outdoor environment.

Adding colour doesn’t mean additional work. There are plenty of plants that will give your garden a burst of colour, like ox-eye daisies, common orchids, red campion and betony. All of these are also great for the bees. They only need sun and water to grow so you can just sit back, relax and watch your garden come to life!

It’s also worth considering how your plants are presented. Displaying plants in big pots can add a further dimension to your garden as well as stopping some plants, such as ornamental grasses and rosebushes, from becoming too large and unmanageable.

Couple planting pots of flowers

It’s worth bearing in mind that the more pots you have, the more you’ll need to water so, when you’re thinking about how much maintenance you want to do, this should be taken into account!

Buying the right plants is an important part of having a low-maintenance garden. Choosing seasonal plants is a good way to make sure they last longer, thrive in the natural environment, and are easier to manage.

Step 3. Simplify your flower beds

Making creative choices with your plant can help make your garden easier to manage, but you’ll also want to consider the upkeep of your flower beds when planning for the future.

Weeding and edging, even with the best tools are two of the most time-consuming and tiring jobs in the garden. Adding a layer of mulch to your flower beds prevents weeds from growing and improves moisture in the soil which reduces the amount of watering you have to do and can make your large garden easier to manage. Mulch also comes in a variety of colours, so you can choose the one that suits your garden style the best!

Another option, if you want to make things easier in your garden is planting hedges and shrubs. This would not only help by reducing the number of flower beds in your garden, but they can be easier to maintain, though they would require pruning and shaping at intervals through the year.

hedge growing in garden

Having a hedge that runs around the edge of your garden or separated areas can make your garden feel less expansive, and more manageable. Plus, colourful shrubs like lavender have the added bonus of repelling bugs and smelling wonderful!

By following these few simple steps you’ll be on your way to a low-maintenance garden in no time.

But what happens if your garden is just too much?


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