Earn extra income

Not only can you earn extra income but you will also be helping more people find their forever home.

We have many customers searching in this active market, and we want to work more closely with local agents to find the right properties sooner. So, agents are now able to earn income from Homewise for every successful introduction to a new property.

Homewise will pay £300 + VAT on the completion of any property referred to us, that we haven’t already found independently. See Terms and Conditions below.


Got a question?

Read our FAQs below or email your Homewise contact at any time.

Why are you offering this payment?

We know it is a very busy market and we have one goal, which is to ensure our customers retire happy, and we are committed to making that happen in any market conditions. Our customers have urgent needs to move home and find security for their future; we want you to help us make that happen. Not only can you call us about properties as soon as they come to the market, but you can also call potential sellers who are not on the market yet and can tell them all about the committed cash buyer you have!

How will I know if you are looking for a property in my area?

Our team will call to give you all the details about our customer’s property requirements, and then follow this up by sending the details on an email which will also reference this incentive.

How will I get paid for the introduction?

Homewise will pay you or your branch (at the discretion of your Branch Manager or Company policy) £300 + VAT on the successful completion of a property that is introduced to Homewise by you.

If your company is a partner of Homewise, this payment will sent directly to your payroll team.

If you are not a partner of Homewise, your Branch Manager will be contacted as the sale progresses and sent a payment request form from our Finance department. It will then be the responsibility of your Branch Manager to provide payment details.

Please note: All referral fee payments may be subject to Tax and National Insurance deductions.

How will I track getting paid for the introduction?

The good news is you don’t need to! When you call us about the property, just let us know that you are responding to a search request from us, that is eligible for the incentive. We will then track this referral right through to completion when payment will be sent to your payroll team.

Why I am not receiving the payment when you viewed a property through me?

If this property was sent to us by someone else first, or we found the property ourselves via a portal and then called you to book the viewing, you would not be eligible to receive the referral payment.

What if I have concerns regarding how my vendor would feel about this?

No problem. Simply explain to your vendor that Homewise are a cash buyer (and ready to act now) and are so committed to finding the perfect property for their customer that they have offered a finder’s fee, if an agent can source them the ideal property.

Terms and Conditions

  • Homewise agrees to pay the Estate Agent Company £300+VAT for the referral of a property which is then purchased by Homewise, on behalf of our customer
  • The Estate Agent will need to contact Homewise directly to let us know about a property, if we find the property and contact them, a referral fee will not be paid
  • Payment will be made on completion of the sale to our customer
  • Payment is made to the Company Branch and will be distributed to the Agent at the discretion of their employer and company policy
  • Payments made may be subject to standard Tax and National Insurance deductions
  • If you are no longer working at the company when the property sale completes you may not receive payment; Homewise agree to make payment to the Company Branch as per above only
  • Homewise reserve the right to refuse any property offered to us