Brad's story

Having bought at the top of the market twice, Brad couldn’t quite afford the type of property he really wanted and was concerned that the Home for Life Plan was like equity release.

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First impressions

Brad approached the Home for Life Plan with some nervousness. Before he called, he was concerned that it worked like equity release and that he’d be charged compound interest. It’s a common misconception, but when he learned that the Home for Life Plan isn’t a loan of any sort (and therefore there’s no interest at all) he realised that it could help increase his budget quite significantly.

Why the Home for Life Plan?

Brad bought at the top of the property market twice and ended up stuck in a property in negative equity for eleven years, which reduced the amount he had available for his onward purchase. Realistically, he could have afforded to buy a flat, probably in a tower block, without our help. By using the Home for Life Plan, Brad and his wife Carole are now proud owners of a beautiful period property in Newhaven with a lovely little garden.

I’ve got no worries; it’s mine for the rest of my life. It’s a tremendous amount off your mind.


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