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Not many people know that Homewise is a family-run business, and has been for many decades.

Our story began back in 1971 when founder Reg Neal noticed that many of his friends and colleagues were unable to find suitable housing for their retirement. Accommodation was either too big, too small, in the wrong location or required too much upkeep. There were very few options available to people over the age of 60 who wanted a comfortable home to call their own.  

Reg took it upon himself to find a solution. After buying and renovating some suitable properties, he sold a lifetime lease to his friends at a significantly reduced cost. From this, the Homewise Home for Life Plan was born.

Since then, Homewise has been helping people to enjoy their retirement by finding them the perfect homes. In 2000, demand for the Homewise Home For Life Plan increased significantly and that is when Reg’s sons came on board. Mark, Justin and Sean all joined the Homewise team and have helped the company to grow and adapt, while ensuring it remains a family-run business.

Family Values

But it is not just the company management that is family focused. Family is at the core of everything that Homewise does. As a close family, the Neals understand how important family is to individuals. Whether people want to move to be closer to children and grandchildren, or want to enjoy a dream retirement with their husband or wife, family is always at the centre of a Homewise home.

The company structure is built around the same values, with staff being treated not just as employees, but as members of the family. This is something that director, Sean Neal, sees as a key part of the company philosophy.

We don’t class the people that work for Homewise as staff, they are like family for us” he says. “It’s really important that the people we recruit share our values, so we are able to consistently deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Revolutionising Retirement

Homewise and the Home for Life Plan provide secure homes for people aged over 60, but the company has more plans.  

For Homewise customers whose quality of life has been enhanced by moving into the perfect home, it can feel something like a revolution. They are now able to enjoy the sort of secure, comfortable retirement which previously they could only have dreamt about.

Managing director of Homewise, Mark Neal, summarises how and why Homewise wants to change the future of retirement in the UK:

“Our principal aim is to actually revolutionise retirement in the UK and with that comes a very significant responsibility. It means that we want to help individuals and couples to revolutionise their own retirement in the UK, but we also want to change the sector as a whole.

Both we and our customers see a real need for our Home for Life Plan. But we don’t just want to stop there. Through talking to our customers and staff we will continue to develop new products and services that will provide people with the security and quality of life that they need in order to enjoy retirement.”

Family values have been at the core of Homewise from the beginning and will continue for both the company and our customers.

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