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When you are planning your retirement, or looking to move home later in life, it’s inevitable to be thinking about the future and considering potential inheritance. You may already be assessing your assets and arranging your finances, particularly if you have family or friends that you wish to leave an inheritance to.

If you’re living off your savings and pension throughout your retirement, you may not be planning to leave a large monetary inheritance or thinking that leaving an inheritance isn’t an option for you. However, did you know with the Homewise Home for Life Plan you could protect and safeguard a percentage of your home’s future value to be passed on as inheritance?


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Safeguarding your inheritance with the Home for Life Plan

The Home for Life Plan is an option for anyone over the age of 60 who is looking to move home. It’s a simple way for people to afford their dream home by offering a reduced price on the full market value*. Every plan is bespoke to the individual and includes the option to safeguard up to 50% of the property’s future value. This means you can benefit from any increase in house price inflation and pass on a guaranteed inheritance when the plan comes to an end.

Example: You live in a house worth £200,000 today. You live in your home for 20 years rent and mortgage free and, when the plan ends, the property is valued at £450,000 to be sold on the open market. If you safeguarded 50% of the property's future value when you set up the plan, £225,000 would go to your estate.

We help people secure their next home at a reduced price with no repayments, rent or interest for their lifetime. Our mission is to revolutionise retirement in the UK, and we specialise in helping people over 60 years old move home and have the security of a home they love for their retirement.

So, if you are over 60 years old, you could find the perfect property for your retirement at an affordable price and still safeguard a percentage of its future value for your family and friends. We understand you want to protect your family’s interest as well as your own, that’s why we’ve created Home for Life Plan to help you retire happy and have security for the future.


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How Homewise protect you and your inheritance

We’re a family-run business at heart, and our values, ethos and Code of Practice are drawn from how we would like to see our own families treated. As such, we go to great lengths to ensure that your interests are protected.

The Home for Life Plan includes a fundamental document called the Lifetime Lease. This is also known as the Home for Life Lease. The principle of this document is simple, to protect your right to live in the property until you pass away or go in to full-time care. It’s a legally binding document registered at Land Registry and is set up to protect you for your entire lifetime and against any eventuality.

Another important document is included for those who wish to safeguard a percentage of the property’s future value. This is the Declaration of Trust. This document details the percentage you safeguard and how you can pass it on to your estate in the future. Both documents are legally binding, and your solicitor would independently advise you throughout the Home for Life Plan process.

We will always encourage everyone considering the Home for Life Plan to seek independent financial advice, we only want to help you achieve your moving goals and discover what is in your best interest.

Find how we could help you in your retirement. Get in touch with our Customer Service team who can answer any questions you may have and discuss your potential savings amount for your next home.


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*Savings range from 8.5% to 59% and depend on the customer’s age, personal circumstances and property criteria. Only available to those over sixty years old.