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The quickest way to find your new home online is to search via portals, like Rightmove and Zoopla. These websites and apps are simple to use and offer you the opportunity to search anywhere in the country and at any time of year, including Christmas!

Many people often think the property market is quiet around the festive season and that people aren’t looking to buy, but that’s not the case. In fact, it’s one of the busiest times of year for property searches.

In 2015, 14 million visits to the Rightmove website were recorded on Christmas Day, with over 10,000 people emailing estate agents with enquiries showing they were keen to buy. Boxing Day saw over 25 million visits and Rightmove website visits were up 5%* for the same period the following year, proving demand continues to grow.

Don’t miss out on finding your perfect property this Christmas. Beat the rush and get searching right away! Use these 3 simple tips to help you find your new home online quickly.

1. Confirm your budget

You want to move home and may have begun your search, but do you know what you can afford? To find your perfect property you need to calculate your budget first. This will ensure your search is successful and doesn’t end in disappointment.

Download our FREE calculator to help you work out your moving budget.




 You can also use our online Budget Booster! It's simple, quick, easy to use and could help you understand your budget in just a few minutes. 




2. Decide what you’re looking for

Deciding what type of property you need and where that property should be is key to a successful search. If you’re planning on relocating, have you considered broadening your search around your ideal location? This could improve your chances of finding the dream home online.

You may want to downsize but have you thought about the type of property you’d like to live in? There are a few different options to choose from, like flats and bungalows for example. Living on one level could be the perfect choice for your future.

Once you know what you’re looking for, the search will be a much quicker and simpler process. Read our 3-step guide to finding the dream home for more tips.


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3. Refine your search

You know how much you can afford and have confirmed what it is you’re looking for, so now you can refine your search to meet your criteria. The vast amount of search results can be overwhelming at times so be sure to filter the search to suit your needs.

You can filter the results to specify how many bedrooms you need, the maximum price you can afford and type of property for example. By narrowing the focus you’ve got a greater chance of successfully, and quickly, finding your new home online.

Typically, you will see the newest listed results first which is one of the reasons you should market your own property right away. With Boxing Day to New Year being the busiest time of year for property searches, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell your own house - get ahead of the competition and prepare your house for sale.

Have you seen properties listed with our Homewise logo? The guide price** shown on these properties has been reduced for people over 60 years old who use our Home for Life Plan. The plan can be applied to pretty much any property in England and Wales, so you don’t need to choose one that already has our name on it.

Even if you’re over 60 and looking for your new home online it may be best to hide Homewise listed properties from your search and view the full market price of properties. You will then be able to apply your bespoke saving to the price advertised. Contact our friendly Customer Service team to find out what your saving could be.

With these 3 quick tips you’ll be set to find your new home soon and, if you’re ready to go view your options, be sure to read our guide on getting the most out of a viewing.

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*Rightmove statistics can be found in their House Price Index report

** The guide price shown on listings is an average savings estimate and every saving we offer is tailored to the individual. Savings range from 8.5% to 59% and depend on the customer’s age, personal circumstances and property criteria. Only available to those over sixty years old.