3 reasons to market your property this Christmas

You’re thinking about a change and looking to move but have you sold your current property? Don’t make the mistake of waiting until New Year. Get on the market and get ready to find your dream home. Read these 3 reasons why your property needs to be on the market this Christmas.


1. Beat the competition

You may think Christmas slows down the property market and people aren’t looking to buy this time of year but that’s not the case, it’s considered one of the busiest times of year for property searches.

In 2015, 14 million visits to Rightmove website were recorded on Christmas Day, with 10,000 people emailing estate agents with enquiries, and over 25 million visits on Boxing Day! In 2016 visits to Rightmove were up 5%* for the same period proving demand continues to grow year on year.

Get ahead of the competition and prepare your property for the market race right away. As the saying goes, you’ve got to be in it to win it. Don’t miss out by waiting, capitalise on the busiest time of year and make sure your property is in the running!


2. Get the best price

On average, property prices drop by 2% in January and February due to high volume of new properties on the market and competition to sell. If you’re asking price is £250,000 that means losing £5,000 off the value just to compete. This could dramatically impact your available budget funding your move and affect your chances of securing the perfect property.

Now is the time to act. Your property is on the market and you want, and often need, to get close to the asking price. By presenting your property to prospective buyers in December you’re getting ahead of other sellers and increasing your chance of receiving the best price as soon as possible.


Family home at Christmas


3. Prepare for the dream move

You may not want to move before Christmas or even in January, but that’s no reason to wait. With the average time to find a buyer being over 60 days and the whole process usually taking around 12 weeks, even if you found a buyer today you might not move in until Spring!

By marketing in December, you’re getting ahead of the competition and able to achieve your moving goals sooner, giving you plenty of time to prepare and organise everything you need to move into your dream home.

Spend time talking with friends and family over the festive season and share your excitement about moving home, they’ll want to help and may even offer their services on moving day!

Still looking for your dream home? Try these 3 simple steps, or why not contact our friendly support team and see how we could help you today.

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*Rightmove statistics can be found in their House Price Index report

By Danielle

On 29th of November 2017

In Property and Moving Home