The Wise Guide to… A stress-free move

I moved home in April last year. After what felt like a lifetime of scrimping and saving, my boyfriend and I were finally able to buy our first flat together. It was all very exciting. We were caught up in the romance of it all… we’d picked our wallpaper, found two beautiful cast iron fireplaces which were, frankly, a bargain, and planned the housewarming to end all housewarmings. We bought a barbecue and a wok. We ambitiously strolled into Farrow and Ball. We stocked up on champagne.

Unfortunately, we didn’t buy any boxes, book a removals company or redirect our mail. Maybe we were naïve, but by day three of driving our decrepit hired transit van backwards and forwards between houses, I was well and truly fed-up. Why oh why did no one tell me that this was a ridiculous idea? Why didn’t they tell me that three hundred records would take eight hours and Arnold Schwarzenegger-sized biceps to move? Why didn’t I realise I’d have to dismantle the sofa just to get it out the door? So, here it is. My definitive three-step guide to a stress-free(ish) move.

  1. Be prepared: moving boxes are expensive, so if you get any new furniture or anything delivered, keep hold of the boxes. Hoard bubble wrap like it’s going out of fashion. And when you do start packing, make sure you don’t overfill any of your boxes. Label every box, and clean as you go.
  2. PAY PEOPLE: unless you literally have no stuff, moving is bloomin’ hard work. You will underestimate how much stuff you have, and how much it all weighs. Find a removals company you trust: maybe a friend can recommend someone? There are also plenty of companies out there that can organise every step of your move for you, like, um, us.
  3. Redirect your mail: I’ll be honest, we completely forgot to do this, and having to go back to your old house every other week to pick up your mail gets old very quickly. Royal Mail can redirect your post for £29.99 per person. Trust me, it’s £30 well worth spending.