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Moving home is one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you are going to make, and objectively, one of the most important. That’s why it’s key not to get swept up in the excitement, and make sure you know what to be aware of, including what to avoid. 

When starting your property search it’s important to remain objective, and not take everything at face value - never judge a book by its cover!

From underlying issues, to aspects that you probably would have never thought of, this quick guide provides you with the low down. Here, you can find out what you should be prepared for when starting your search.

Be sure to think about how certain elements might affect your future wellbeing, security and finances. By getting to know the do’s and don'ts of home searching, you could be well on your way to finding that perfect home for right now, and into the future.

When searching for your dream home there are two key mistakes you should avoid making:

  1. Not thinking long term
  2. Forgetting to do your research

Follow the tips below to avoid making some costly mistakes that could mean your dream move becomes a disaster!


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Tip One: Look towards the future 

Will your new home protect your happiness and wellbeing?

When settling into your forever home, you want to be confident in the fact that it will always provide happiness, security, and that you won’t experience any adverse effects to your health. So, think long term and about your future wellbeing.

Be sure to avoid properties where chemicals are present that could impact your health, businesses that operate anti-social hours such as pubs, and safety risks like busy roads. Avoiding elements such as these could enable you to find the perfect property for your retirement. 

It’s also important to factor in any pets you might be bringing to the property with you, or visiting family members, such as grandchildren. Knowing that any of your dependents are guaranteed as much safety as you could hope to expect when they visit, will help you to enjoy your new home. It also ensures that your wellbeing, and the opportunity to spend time with loved ones is never hindered!

These are just some of the recommended components that you should be looking into, to ensure that you’re able to relax into your perfect home without any hiccups to your health and happiness. 

For an in-depth look at how you can find your perfect home, trouble-free, download our complete guide. It's jam packed with tricks of the trade! 


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Tip Two: Do your research

Have you explored all the details?

Looking closely at the finer details could help you identify some problems that may not have been so obvious on an initial glance. This could be anything from the property being close to commercial properties to leased solar panels.

It’s in your best interests to identify any underlying or ongoing issues that could mean you incur additional costs later down the line, as well as increase the day-to-day expenses you would usually have.

Unexpected costs or large fees can really take a toll, especially if you’re looking to find a home to enjoy during your retirement years.

For example, issues that come about from un-adopted roads and leased solar panels, could mean that you end up footing the bill. Always remember to ask the right questions, ensuring that they don’t come as a nasty shock, having an effect over your future financial security and overall happiness with your choice of home.

Other aspects to look out for is anything that might be considered “out of the ordinary” - your solicitor will be able to point some of these possible issues out to you in due course. This could include anything that might be likely to incur you costs further down the line. Being aware of these different aspects, could help avoid any issues during the buying process.

Being surprised by these after settling into your chosen home, can have an effect upon your security, finances, health and happiness. If it’s the home you want to live out your retirement in, avoiding these nasty shocks right from the very beginning, is the ideal start. 

For a detailed look into the kind of things that could hinder you move, including that pesky Japanese Knotweed, check out the detailed list, and make sure you’re prepared!

It’s important to understand what should be on your radar. This guide will certainly help you mitigate any issues, before they even happen, letting you settle into the perfect home for your retirement, worry free!  

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Remember, your motivations for moving and the hopes you have for the future will be unique to you. Choosing a new home is one of the biggest decisions you'll make, so carrying out thorough research is the best way to ensure that you're moving somewhere you're going to be happy to live and pay for going forwards.

From those underlying issues to aspects you may have never even considered, you’re now equipped with a handy guide that could help you avoid these possible pitfalls when searching for a new property.


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Did you know, if you’re over 60, you could be making a significant saving on the price of your next home with a boost to your budget. In fact, you could be saving up to 59%! 

While this guide provides you with a number of details to look out for when you're shopping around for your perfect home, here at Homewise, it’s something we always stick to. We do this to protect your interests, and to ensure that your new home is as stress-free and peaceful as it's possible to be.

Don't waste time viewing unsuitable properties that don't meet your needs! For some guidance on the property attributes you should be avoiding, download the full list. 


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