4 last-minute ideas for Mother's Day fun | Homewise

The list of activities you come up with could be endless, but time is running out to decide what you want to do. If the weather, mobility, or budget are a concern, don’t worry – these four activities could be a perfect way to spend time with the whole family.

Whether you’re visiting family in person, or you’re unable to travel due to illness, mobility or any other reason, we’ve got you covered. Read on and discover how to make this Mother’s Day memorable.


A nature walk

If the sun is shining, and even if it’s not, a nature walk is the perfect way to spend time with the family and enjoy a little fresh, crisp air. There are a lot of routes to enjoy at this time of year, whether you live near to the South Downs or Kinder Scout.

Get those wellies on, make a flask of tea or coffee, and grab a stick for the dog to enjoy a walk with your loved ones and appreciate nature.

If you're looking for ideas on where to go for your walk, check out the National Trust for places near you. 

 Grandmother and granddaughter taking nature walk together

Have a meal together

It may be that this is something you do together often, but if you don't then making a meal for your mum on Mother's Day could be the perfect way to show her you care. Whether it's a Sunday roast with all the trimmings or a creamy mushroom risotto, is down to you, but a family meal you've prepared is a wonderful way to spend time with your mum.


Cream tea

While not exactly everyone's cup of tea, there can be something quite lovely about a perfect brew accompanied by delicate sandwiches, beautiful cakes and, of course, the piece de resistance, crumbly, light scones served with a sharp and sweet jam and rich, decadent clotted cream.

Many places from classy restaurants to small tea rooms will provide the option of a cream tea for their guests, served on prettily decorated plates, but putting together a cream tea to enjoy at home can be another bonding exercise, or something you can surprise your mum with on the day.

If you want to give making your own scones a try, GoodFood has a 20-minute recipe that could be ideal, and for the gluten-free people in your life this could be an option.

scone, jam and cream 


A virtual event

If you can’t travel to spend Mother’s Day with your family this year whether it's due to other commitments, transport restrictions or sickness, and would still like to spend time with the family then a virtual brunch over Zoom, WhatsApp or any other video calling tool could be the perfect solution for you. Set up a time to call your loved ones and make it even more like you’re enjoying the brunch together by sending across a few tasty and easy recipes that the whole family can make and enjoy. If you’re looking for a little inspiration what about a summer cup mocktail or one of these easy brunch recipes?


Rainy day suggestions

If this Mother's Day isn't blessed with sunshine (which is possible) then it's likely any outdoor plans will need to be changed at the last minute.

If you were planning to go for a picnic then why not enjoy the outdoors indoors? Instead of sitting out on a blanket in a field, lay a rug on the floor in the lounge and enjoy the sandwiches, cakes and other treats with the sound of rain against the windows?

Love crafts? Poor weather could make for the perfect opportunity to spend time working on a project. Whether it's macramé, baking biscuits or working on a family collage, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Sharing the family history. Sometimes a wonderful way to spend the day with your loved ones is all about sharing memories and what better way to do that than going through old photo albums and reminisce? In times gone by this was the way that stories were told and it's a great way to remember friends and family.


Relocating closer to your loved ones

Do you want to spend more time with the family but they don’t live nearby? 

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