Quick & Creative Ways To Add Colour To Your Home | Homewise

Is your home missing something, a certain pizazz or dash of personality perhaps? You may not need an extreme makeover, simply adding flashes of colour in a few key areas could bring your home to life in an instant!

Introducing colour into your home can add a personal touch that really makes your property feel like home, plus its quick and easy to change all year round.



Not sure where to begin? Read our favourite quick and creative ways to add colour to your home and discover how to breathe a new lease of life into your property right away!


1. Keep it simple

First things first, decide your colour scheme. It can be difficult to know where to begin when choosing colours for your home, you might love vibrant and bold colours but try to keep each room simple.

Avoid using too many colours in one space, especially if you live in a smaller home. Too many colours can make a room feel cluttered and overwhelming, so stick to a maximum of four colours in any one room.


2. Be bold with a feature wall

Feature walls are a great way to experiment with colour in your home. You can liven up your living space and give it a pop of colour by painting or adding patterned wallpaper to just one wall in the room of your choice. Not only can this introduce a personal touch to a neutral room, but a feature wall can give a space more depth and interest - and it doesn’t have to be costly!



3. Get artistic

Not ready to commit to a feature wall? Neutral walls can also be livened up quickly and easily simply by adding colourful artwork!

Bring an extra touch of colour to any space with well-chosen pieces to suit your new colour scheme. Hang key pieces of unique art or photographs, and even choose bright frames, to instantly brighten up a room. Keeping the space monochrome and adding colourful art allows you to change your theme at any time. You might like to choose brighter colours in spring and go warmer in winter perhaps, the choice is yours.



4. Add accents and accessorise

The quickest way to instantly add colour to your home is by accessorising. You’ll find a variety of cushions, throws, lamps etc in any home store that could work in your new-look home. Placing patterned cushions and bright throws in neutral spaces can add visual appeal as well as comfort when you’re relaxing at home.

Don’t forget the flooring too! A rug with a colourful pattern can add personality and texture to any room, whether it’s under the coffee table, in the hallway, or in front of the fireplace. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours, fabrics, shapes and sizes on top of carpet or hardwood.



5. Refresh, revamp and renovate

Assess your current furniture and see if there are ways to not only refresh the piece but also to add colour. Restoring or repainting an old piece of your furniture is a creative, and inexpensive, way to give it a new lease of life and add colour to your home. If you don’t want to paint the furniture for example, consider small changes like new drawer handles or colourful feet to add a splash of colour to the room.

A bookshelf as a statement piece in your home is another easy way to add colour, and conveniently store all your books and accessories. So, think multi-purpose as well as functional. Why not get a little creative and paint the inside of your bookshelves? This can draw attention to an otherwise functional piece of furniture and add hints of colour that make the space more vibrant.


6. Bring the outdoors in

Brighten up your home with colourful plants and flowers. Not only do plants add personality to your home but they can even benefit your health. Choose indoor plants that suit your environment and accessorise with colourful pots and vases too! Find out how to start an indoor garden today.

Not a keen gardener? If you’re not quite ready to cultivate an indoor garden, or even a plant, try an artificial one. There are many colourful, realistic looking plants and flowers available in shops these days, and they won’t require any maintenance!


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