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It happens every year, December arrives, and the time just escapes (we've all been there). Whether you're looking for some last-minute Christmas gift ideas, a project to do with your grandchildren over the holidays, or simply a creative Christmas gift on a budget, creating unique handmade gifts can add a personal touch that shows your loved ones how much you care.

If you love to knit, bake, or get stuck into arts and crafts – there’s plenty of festive gifts you can quickly create for your friends and family. Here are 4 crafty, last-minute ideas for inspiration…



1. Homemade Christmas Decorations

If you're looking for a great way to get creative this Christmas, and personalise things at home then handmade decorations are one way to do it. They can be a thoughtful gift for your friends and family.

A stunning mason jar snow globe can be created with only a few supplies and any glass jar you have lying around your home. Alternatively, a mini paper wreath is quick to make and can add a bit of Christmas spirit to any home.

There are infinite options when creating festive décor, with so many ideas available online, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration to get you started. 



2. Recipe Mason Jars

If your loved ones tend to enjoy creating delicious treats, a recipe jar could be the perfect last-minute gift idea. All you’ll need is baking ingredients that you’ll most likely already have at home.

Simply measure the right amount of ingredients and add them into a mason jar in layers. To give it that unique touch, decorate the jar and don't forget to attach some instructions.

You’ll have an attractive gift that’s fun to make! From festive oat cookies and rich chocolate brownies to candy cane hot chocolate, there’s a mason jar recipe for everyone to enjoy. 



3. Festive Spiced Cookies

Do you love to bake? Why not quickly whip up a batch of delicious festive cookies? With cinnamon and ginger, these seasonal snacks are a fun and delicious way to get into the Christmas spirit. To go the extra mile, poke a hole in the top of the cookie and tie with a ribbon through to make beautiful, edible Christmas tree decorations.

cutting out, baking and decorating Christmas biscuits

Don’t have time to buy gift wrapping? There are many delightful and creative ways to gift wrap them. From repurposing an empty Pringles can to decorating foil boxes, you can have fun while presenting your baked goods.



4. Cosy Finger-knitted Throw Blankets

Everyone loves to keep warm and get cosy during the holidays. Use your free time this holiday season to create a throw blanket. It is the perfect thoughtful gift for your loved ones this winter and can make stylish addition to your home’s interior. Throw blankets can be made easily with the use of finger knitting and a few balls of thick wool. They are cost effective, great fun to make and are a beautiful and personal gift to give to loved ones.

Woman finger knitting a blanket

Whatever you choose to make, there’s a multitude of festive crafts to keep you busy during the holidays. Your friends and family will love the personal touch of a homemade gift and appreciate the time and effort taken make it special.



We all love to spend time with our friends and family at Christmas, but if you currently live far away or are deciding to keep a safe distance this year, it can be difficult to keep in touch. Keeping connected using a video call service can be a great alternative, especially at Christmas!

Planning to relocate closer to loved ones in the new year? No matter if you are seeing loved ones in person or virtually, Christmas can be a great time to search together and see prospective properties that may be available.



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