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During these unprecedented times, we’ve each had the opportunity to take stock of what is important to us. Our family, friends and wellbeing are at the forefront of our minds; and finding happiness and security for the future is more important than ever. Here at Homewise, our mission is to help people achieve just that.

Being content and comfortable in your home, and surrounding areas, is a key factor to happiness in retirement. If your current property does not bring you happiness or you would like to be free of financial burdens perhaps, have you considered moving home to achieve your retirement goals?


Research your options

With more time being spent at home and isolated in recent months, it is natural to be assessing your current surroundings and considering what could be improved for you to find greater happiness in the future. Now is the perfect time to research your options and set plans in motion to secure your dream retirement.

You may be looking into a new mortgage solution, equity release on your current property or even renting in retirement. Our Home for Life Plan, which is a Lifetime Lease option, is simply an alternative for you to consider.


Think about your goals and motivations. Why are you considering moving home? Do you have debts to clear? Is your interest-only mortgage due to be paid? Is your current property becoming unmanageable or, perhaps due to the Coronavirus pandemic, you wish to live closer to family and friends later in life?

Did you know a Lifetime Lease can be applied to pretty much any property in England or Wales (subject to property criteria) on the market with any estate agent? The property choice is yours. So, whether you wish to live in a more suitable property, secure a guaranteed inheritance for loved ones or find financial security in your retirement, a Lifetime Lease might be the ideal solution for you.


If you choose a Lifetime Lease option for your new home, you could:

  • Move closer to loved ones in your ideal location
  • Live in the home of your choice rent-free, mortgage-free and debt-free
  • Be secure in the property for your lifetime
  • Secure a guaranteed inheritance for the future
  • Create an early inheritance for loved ones
  • Free up funds for your retirement

A Lifetime Lease option is only available to those over 60 years old and comes with many benefits, but we appreciate it may not be right for everyone. We’re here to talk through your options and find the best solution for your needs.


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Book a free consultation with Homewise

As the Home for Life Plan is entirely bespoke to you and your needs, we begin creating your plan by meeting with you and your family face to face or via video conferencing to understand what you are looking to achieve for your retirement.

The initial phone conversation with our Customer Service team will identify why you wish to move home, and the consultation appointment helps us discuss how we can help you with this.

With the health and wellbeing of our customers and our staff remaining our priority, all consultations are taking place via video conferencing systems such as Zoom at this time, to ensure all parties continue to be safe and well. 

The video consultation provides a great opportunity for you to invite family to join the conversation, virtually, and learn how Homewise could help you going forwards. Our dedicated team of experts are there, as they would be in person, to listen and truly understand your needs.


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The appointment lasts around 2 hours and the Senior Consultant will talk you through the details of how the Home for Life Plan works, and ensure they understand:

  • Your current situation
  • Your goals for the future
  • Your financial needs
  • Your property requirements

During the consultation, the primary focus will be your current property position and goals for your new home, including the area you are looking to move to. Plus, if you are selling a property, the Senior Consultant can discuss your valuation, agent feedback, and offer expert tips on achieving a quicker sale.


Best decision I’ve ever made! Everything was explained simply and easy to understand. I knew from the start what it cost so no unexpected expenses, all I had to do was get ready to move. They took the worry out of moving.” Mrs Franklin, Homewise Customer


In order to build the best plan for your future, you will be asked to share your estimated income and outgoings during the conversation. This helps our experts to calculate an accurate budget and work out any savings you may be able to create through this move.

Homewise will never proceed with a Home for Life Plan if we feel it would not be in your best interest or would leave you without funds in the future. Having this financial information means we can help you find the perfect property within budget.

Please note: Your information is entirely private and is never shared with any third parties. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.


Hear directly from our Consultants about why the appointment is a key step in preparing for your future and learn what to expect in this short video.






The consultation is where we get to meet the customer and their family, and ultimately present the plan. What I love about the appointment is it only takes a couple hours of their day and at the end of the call we have a plan that can help them, in most cases, to achieve a better retirement.

A recent customer told me “you have saved mine and my families lives, we cannot thank you enough” and we get this quite often, but he is just one example of the hope we give people.

As I always point out, unlike financial providers and a lot of other companies, we are not all about them using the plan, but the guidance, support, and first-class service we provide is exceptional. From the minute the plan is presented to them until they exchange contracts, we support and assist in every way. You just do not get that from any other provider, and that’s what makes me truly proud.

Rhonda, Senior Consultant - Homewise


A 2-hour conversation could make all the difference to your future happiness and financial peace of mind, why wait? Book your consultation today!


New home, new start

For some, moving to a more manageable home in a better location is the driving force behind their property search, for others an outstanding mortgage to pay off or wishing to create financial security or an early inheritance for loved ones is the reason they want to move home. Your motivation for moving home is unique to you, that’s why every Home for Life Plan is tailored to suit your needs.


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Did you know, £112 billion* is collectively owed by UK over 65s in outstanding mortgage borrowing, with 42% selling their home and moving to rented accommodation?

According to research, 3.8 million over 65s in the UK live alone and 68% of retirees want to move closer to family; no matter your moving goals, we’re here to help.

Our mission is to revolutionise retirement in the UK and that means changing lives for the better.

Moving home can mean a fresh start and a happier future. By choosing a Lifetime Lease option, you can live happily and securely in the home of your choice without any rent, mortgage, or interest repayments for your lifetime.


Marvellously helpful! I am living in a wonderful 2-bedroom-2-garden property which is not in a block of flats! Thank you Homewise – I could never have made it without your help.” Mrs Roberts, Homewise Customer


Each person we help is different, with their own unique aims, aspirations, and dreams. Watch Helen and Mike’s story through a short animated video, and learn how they were able to pay off their interest-only mortgage, create funds for their future needs and secure a guaranteed inheritance for their daughter, by choosing a Lifetime Lease.


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Securing your dream retirement

Moving home is a big decision, it is important to plan ahead for your future needs and remember why you are considering moving throughout every stage of your planning and researching.

Planning for the future may seem a little overwhelming at times, but we’re here to help. Providing you with options for your next home and how you can feel happy and secure in retirement is our speciality!

For us, the Home for Life Plan is not just about moving home; it is about helping you find peace of mind and financial security for your retirement, and our team remain committed to helping you achieve your dreams for a happy retirement.


"We can now relax and enjoy our lives near to our family. The shops are just a short walk away, so no need to use the car every day, which in turn helps with our health and wellbeing!" Mr & Mrs Goodley, Homewise Customers


It’s not all about saving money and living in a bigger house. Moving home later in life is a big decision and we know the moving process can be stressful at times. That’s why we’re on hand to support our customers every step of the way.

Did you know our complimentary Move Simply service is available to all customers pursuing a move using our Home for Life Plan? Could we help you find the ideal home for your future?


We are continuously and closely monitoring the government updates here at Homewise, ensuring our practices comply with safety guidelines at all times.

The good news is the market is open, property sales are completing at a faster pace than in recent weeks, and your new home may be within reach. Now is the time to book your consultation.


Robert Jenrick recently said, “...a home is more than just four walls. As we have found more than ever during this crisis, it is a sanctuary, a form of protection, and a link to your community.” Contact us today and discover how we could help you to find your sanctuary for the future.


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*Statistical information derived from the following sources: Savills 2018Office for National Statistics - Families and Households 2017 and McCarthy & Stone, The Colour Report



Useful information


If you are planning to move or are in the process of moving during Coronavirus pandemic, see the Gov.UK website for full details on process amendments and safety guidelines for moving during this time.

Government Guidelines


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