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We’re all guilty of a little over indulgence. It’s fair to say that in the first few weeks of the new year, we’re all focused on our resolutions. Whether that be starting a new hobby, getting fit, or cutting back on the sugar and salt. As the months go on however, you might be finding yourself slipping back into old routines, and reaching for the treats. Us too!

Making those healthier choices doesn’t have to be a chore. With our favourite treats, everything is okay in moderation. With a few small changes and some easy to follow recipes, you can enjoy indulging in a biscuit or two. That’s why we’ve spent some time looking into new ways to eat healthy, without denying ourselves our favourite chocolate fix.





It’s much easier than you sometimes think to start making some of those healthier choices and alternatives. Our top five are simple to follow and fun for all the family.


The flavourful five:

An old, trusted favourite

You can’t go wrong when it comes to brownies. However, if you’re looking for a healthier alternative that will do it’s flavour justice, you can sometimes be faced with a great challenge. Between the butter and sugar famed recipes, we’ve found a delicious alternative offering solutions for different diets to boot.

Brownie Recipe 

Do It Yourself 

This recipe is stripping it back to the basics, and a popular alternative for vegan diets that crave that chocolate edge. This straightforward how-to is all about making your own chocolate. You can adapt the recipe based on your own tastes too; you can add nuts, dried fruit and even some salt for that extra pang of flavour. 

DIY Chocolate 

Spread the Love

Looking for a quick fix? It’s easy to grab that well known chocolate spread favourite. Whether you spread it on toast, or straight from the jar, have you ever thought about making a healthier alternative?

All you need is an empty glass jar and a blender; you’ll be on your way to satisfying that sweet tooth in no time!

Healthy Chocolate Spread 

Peanut Butter Bliss

If you’re looking for that perfect combination of sweet and salty, the peanut butter cup is a fail safe - especially if you’re cinema bound! Notoriously not one of the healthier choices, we’ve sought out a recipe that that adheres to those new habits you might be trying to take on.
Don’t forget! With a coconut oil based recipe like this, you’ll need to keep these sweet treats stored away in the freezer. 

Peanut Butter Cups 

Delicious for Dunkin’

Having just one biscuit doesn’t exist, so why do we even say it? With this healthy alternative, you can not only boast your baking prowess to your guests, but also keep them wanting more with this healthy alternative. Pop the kettle on, get together with some of your nearest and dearest, and let the biscuits do the talking. 

Healthy Style Digestives 






We all have that chocolate craving and it can sometimes be one of the hardest habits to curb. There are many reasons you might find yourself reaching for a chocolate biccy, bar or cake. You could simply be hungry and have a sweet tooth. You could be stressed and in need of a bit of comfort food. You could be low in magnesium.

Whilst these are all valid reasons for wanting to tear away the wrapper, these healthy alternatives are on hand to satisfy that hankering just as much.

Healthy Heart Chocolate Challenge

Every year, throughout February, the British Heart Foundation run their country wide campaign, Dechox.
The premise of the month is to raise funds for research into heart and circulatory diseases, by giving up chocolate for a minimum of a month - let us know if you can go for longer! 

Whilst many people take part every year for the efforts towards research, and to accept a challenge, lots more use it as a starting point to kick-off with some of those healthier choices.

If you’re looking to give up this guilty pleasure all together, or just to see if you can do it for a month, it seems February is the perfect time to start! 

If you want to learn more about the month of Dechox, and the research it funds for the British Heart Foundation, visit their website and keep up to date with any tips and tricks that they might be sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Is improving your health and wellbeing at the top of the to-do list? Do you have any healthy alternative go-tos? Any recipes that your friends can’t get enough of? Any fantastic resources for finding the most flavoursome recipes? We’d love to know! If you’ve got a recipe to share that is quick, easy and packs a punch, why not drop us a comment on Facebook or give us a Tweet?

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