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Is your current garden becoming a chore? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the upkeep? If you’re gardening more but enjoying it less then downsizing could be the option for you.

When you’re looking at a property move you’ll often want to retain your garden space, but is this right for your retirement? Choosing to reduce your space doesn’t mean reducing quality or enjoyment – it could be the opposite!

With a low-maintenance, simple space you’ll find yourself enjoying the time spent enhancing your outdoor areas, and can be more creative too. Read our 6 simple tips for enjoying a stunning smaller garden.


1. Keep it simple

Organising your space can be therapeutic, calming and surprising. Have a clear out of what’s there and visualise how you want to utilise the area.

Do you need so much (or any) grass? Choosing a low-maintenance floor covering such as gravel in a soft, light colouring can be a great choice for a smaller garden. Add in your favourite potted plants and the space comes alive.


Delicate florals


2. Make the right choices

Choosing the right foliage for your garden is vital. You’ve simplified your space, now make it easier to maintain.

Using smaller shrubs, and even dwarf trees, can enhance the space but also alleviate the on-going maintenance of tending to your garden. Embracing perennials that offer pleasure every season will ensure your garden delights all year round.


3. Move on up

Exploit every inch by introducing vertical foliage. Include sun-seeking climbers that draw the eye up, and don’t forget about the charm of a window box or two. Succulents make a great window box choice as they don’t grow too quickly or crowd their neighbours.

Looking for height in the garden - why not raise your beds! Keep your planters simple for maintenance, and enjoy the little to no bending this option offers.


Colourful wall flowers


4. Add more space

Well this isn’t strictly possible, but creating the illusion of more space is a great way to visually expand your courtyard, terrace or small garden. With a few simple tricks, it’s quick and easy to achieve.

Using mirrors to increase light and a choice of white paint on walls will offer the illusion of more space instantly! If you have outdoor furniture, positioning this towards the end of the garden will draw the eye further through the space, suggesting your garden is bigger than it may be.


5. Be creative with colour

You’ve chosen your perennials and vertical foliage for function as well as aesthetics – but you may be missing some colour and excitement.

Introduce high-impact, colourful potted plants to your space and be creative with the assortment. This allows you to change the space regularly if you wish, but also enjoy the seasonal plants you love.

Have fun with soft furnishings too – make the most of your table and chairs with bold colour choices and eye-catching prints all year round.


Bright coloured plants


6. Bring the outdoors in

Embracing nature inside your house not only brings positive energy but can offer health benefits too. From the soothing aloe plant, the air-purifying spider plant, or even handy herbs such as thyme and basil – there are plenty of choices.

By expanding your garden to your indoor living areas you’ll instantly feel energised and able to enjoy the natural aspects your property offers.


Indoor plants


Realising your dream retirement doesn’t stop with the new, stress-free house – a perfect garden space can make all the difference.

If your green thumb is still twitching, why not reach out to your local community and join activity groups? They can offer the exhilaration of gardening projects without the daily upkeep for your own property. Sharing gardens and allotments can also be a way of meeting new people and sharing your skills.

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