4 Eggcellent Easter Activities | Homewise

Easter is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends. If there are young children in the group then it's possible you will be called upon to babysit, so it definitely pays to have a few tricks up your sleeve to help keep them entertained, especially if the weather is unpredictable.

If you're looking for inspiration when it comes to activities to keep the kids entertained over the Easter holidays then check out our list of 4 fun things to do, come rain or shine!


1. Set up an Easter egg hunt

Everyone loves an Easter egg hunt! It can be a great way to get everyone involved, and isn't just restricted to a large outside space, or the younger members of the family. Even the set up can be made into a fun game. Follow Saga’s simple guide to ensure your Easter egg hunt runs smoothly, come rain or shine.


Grandparents enjoying Easter with their grandchildren


2. Enjoy the great outdoors and embrace nature

If the weather is nice, make the most of it. Going on a nature walk with the rest of the family is a great way to spend time together and children love exploring nature. The possibilities are endless and with so many great things to see, especially during the spring, it's a fantastic way to keep little minds busy.

You could also create educational fun for all ages by hunting for bugs in the back garden, get them engaged spotting spring flowers on a walk in your local woodland or countryside, or even treat them to a visit to a local petting zoo or animal farm to see the new lambs or cuddle up to fluffy bunny rabbits.


3. Bake your own Easter treats

Looking for a fun and productive way to entertain children when the weather isn't at its best? Baking sessions are a fun (but possibly messy) way to keep your grandchildren amused!

There are a lot of online sources offering versatile and easy recipes, such as Easter egg nest cakes, or slightly more challenging chocolate chip hot cross buns. Perfect for a lovely afternoon tea in the garden, or around the table, depending on the weather!

People enjoying Easter crafts


4. Get creative with some fun crafts

Children of all ages love to get creative with sometimes messy arts and crafts. Not only that, but they provide a range of fun that won't be affected by the weather!

Whether you're looking for something with an Easter theme, or are looking for something a little more universal, we've got you covered! 

Create a flamboyant Easter bonnet

Dig out those old hats! This is the perfect way to recycle a hat that has seen better days. Whether it's a sunhat or a baseball cap, the potential is endless.

If you don't have an old hat then many supermarkets sell inexpensive ones just for this purpose! You can even create a catwalk ‘parade’ in the living room for a fun way to show off what's been painstakingly created. 

Craft fluffy pom-pom chicks

Creating these cute woollen chicks is really fun and easy, perfect for little kids! For simple guidance on how to make these and over thirty other crafty creations for children of all ages, check out these handy suggestions from netmums.com. 

Decorate and paint Easter eggs

Create beautiful hard boiled eggs. From painted to marbled, there are lots of decorative effects to try. Check out these suggestions and step-by-step guides from Country Living magazine for creating a masterpiece for your dining table. 

Enjoy fantasy drawing or colouring in

If you're looking for a quiet afternoon then a colouring book is a great idea. Whether it's paints or felt tips, a few images can give you, and the children, hours of entertainment. If you don't have any colouring books, you can find free printables online to download and print, from these cute Easter bunnies to this incredible range from Crayola


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