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If you are selling your property in order to secure your perfect next home, then you need to make sure you sell for a realistic price. However, spending out on large renovations such as the kitchen, bathroom or windows is not realistic for most people, but there are several relatively cheap ways to add value to your home and ensure a quick sale.

A coat of paint

If it has been a while since you last decorated, then a fresh coat of paint on the walls will not cost much, but will help to make your interiors look fresh.

Redo any sealant

A whole new bathroom is a big expenditure and if your bathroom is on the older side, then the chances are that some of the sealant may have started to become discoloured over time. This is a big giveaway that the bathroom is older and can make it seem as if the entire bathroom needs to be refurbished. New sealant will create a much better overall impression of the bathroom, than having old, cracked and stained sealant.  

Shampoo the carpets

You can either buy or rent the tools needed to shampoo the carpets, or pay a professional to do it for you. It is not something that most people do very often, but you will notice a real difference to how they look afterwards.

Tidy the garden

If you aren’t a keen gardener and find that your garden can sometimes get a little unruly, make sure you tidy it up before you put your house on the market. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but mowing the lawn, removing any obvious bad weeds, such as vine weed, and cutting back any out of control plants will help to present your whole house in the best light. Gardens that look “low maintenance” are very appealing for many buyers.


Paint and decorate home


Remove clutter

When people look at a house they like to imagine themselves living there with all their belongings. This is difficult when the house is full of a stranger’s belongings. Ensure your home looks lived in, but not too full of clutter.

Hide away any piles of coats by the door, the paperwork stash in the kitchen and the ironing pile in the utility room. You want to give the impression that your house has ample storage and leave surfaces clear ready for prospective buyers to envisage their own clutter over them.

Personal touches such as family photos and ornaments help to make the home look inviting and friendly. Pretend you are preparing for a photoshoot for an interior design magazine, with coffee table books, fresh flowers and plumped cushions. Just don’t crowd every bare space with them while you have potential buyers coming round.

Perfect the lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference to a home. If your home isn’t blessed with ample amounts of natural light, look to brighten it with natural light bulbs and remove any items that block the windows, inside and out. If you have prospective buyers coming around on a grey day, switch the lights on to make your home look brighter and more welcoming.

Go neutral

If you are redecorating, or making any changes before you put your house on the market, ensure you go for a neutral look. Now is not the time to start experimenting with colours. People have very varied interior design tastes and prospective buyers want to see that they can easily apply their ideas to their future home. Give people a blank canvas to work from.


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