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Who are Homewise?

Homewise is a family-run business, started by Reg Neal in 1971. Now, over 50 years after the company was first established, we have helped thousands of people aged over 60 to find and secure the perfect home for their lifetime.

Homewise and their relationship with trusted estate agents

People aged 60 and over have limited options and a lack of choice when it comes affordable property solutions. We work with several estate agents across England and Wales to provide our customers with a first-class service. This relationship includes posting a complimentary second listing of properties that meet specific criteria across Rightmove and Zoopla.


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What is the Home for Life Plan?

The Home for Life Plan provides people aged 60 and over with a simple way to secure their next home anywhere in England or Wales, for thousands less than the market value through the purchase of a Lifetime Lease. You can save anywhere between 8.5% and 59% depending on a number of things including age, personal circumstances and property criteria.

With the Home for Life Plan, you are free from financial burdens such as monthly mortgage or rental payments. It is an alternative option that can enable you to clear outstanding debts, such as an interest-only mortgage, and live in a property of your choosing, rent and mortgage free.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to move, perhaps relocating back to the UK after living abroad, downsizing to a more manageable property, clearing outstanding debts or moving nearer to loved ones, the Home for Life Plan could help.

We know that leaving an inheritance is important for many and this is something we take into consideration when building your unique Home for Life Plan. Whether you wish to leave an inheritance for your estate, gift an early inheritance, or both, this is something that can be built into your plan from the very beginning.

Every Home for Life Plan is tailored to meet your individual needs and could be the ideal solution to enable you achieve your property goals.

If you’re exploring your options, find out how the Home for Life Plan could work for you with our quick online calculator. Plus, you can see how the estimate changes depending on the inheritance you wish to leave with the slider on the results page.