8 of the Best Summer Hobbies for Retirement | Homewise

With the Great British Summer in full swing it’s also the perfect time of year to get stuck into a fresh undertaking (unless, of course, you’re into snowboarding). If you’re bored of simply soaking up the sunshine, why not dive into one of these eight absorbing summer hobbies for retirees?


1. Meditation

So much of our lives flies by before we even have a chance to blink. An awful lot of that time is wasted on worries and stresses. Make this summer the season you learn how to relax, take time for yourself and feel more balanced.

Meditation as a summer hobby is growing in popularity and there are now all sorts of ways to take it up. Online tools like Headspace (which you can access online or via a handy smartphone app) are especially good, but you’ll also find lots of YouTube tutorials and books on the subject. Ask around in your local community, you may be able to find classes on your doorstep and meet new people at the same time! As a summer hobby, meditation is a quick and easy one to get into with all the information out there.


2. Foraging

The summer is the perfect time to begin foraging and, with autumn around the corner, there will soon be plenty to pick and gather with your newfound expertise. If you love gardening, walking, nature or cooking, foraging is an incredibly rewarding summer hobby - you can even have a go in cities! You might be amazed at what grows in urban environments!

Blend a pleasant walk with botanical knowledge, then make a tasty treat when you get home, what’s not to love?


Foraging Food


3. Geocaching

Have you heard of geocaching before? If the idea of a grown up treasure hunt appeals, you’ll love this summer hobby.

A brilliant option for anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors, geocaching involves searching for small hidden “caches” hidden all over the UK (not to mention the world!).

These caches are logged on an official website (or app, if you’re smartphone savvy), finders must then add their names to the log book once they uncover the cache in real life. From beautiful wildernesses to little known urban spots, you’ll find geocaches hidden everywhere. Plus, this is a great way to entertain your grandchildren and enjoy time spent with all the family this summer!


4. Pottery

If you’ve ever watched someone using a potter’s wheel and thought “that looks seriously fun”, you’re not wrong. Pottery is a fantastic hobby for retirement for anyone remotely interested in arts and crafts! Clay is a wonderful material to work with, and the finished products can be beautiful, functional or both.

A fantastic way to unleash your creativity while also making practical items and charming gifts, taking up pottery is an absolute pleasure.


Pottery Paints


5. Archaeology

Take time in your retirement to learn about cultures from the past and even make a discovery or two! There are local archaeological societies to be found all over the country, perfect for retirees with a passion for history who want to take up an intriguing summer hobby.

Many of these societies undertake regular digs and educational programmes which you can help out with, overseen by local experts in the field. Who knows what could be under your feet?


6. Cycling

Hopping on a bike may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but you may be surprised by just how fun it is be on two wheels after many years out of the saddle.

Cycling can be an inexpensive summer hobby which boosts your fitness, helps you get to know your local area even better and reduces your carbon footprint. Start with short journeys and build up your stamina and confidence, you’ll soon be zipping all over the place!


Bike Books


7. Learn a language

Picking up a new language (or dusting off your rusty French) is a very common “to do list” item and potential summer hobby for retirees, but how many of us actually get round to it?

Make this the summer that you finally improve your Spanish, German, Mandarin or Arabic. Enrol in a class, find a conversation group, learn from a tutor online or try a handy app like Duolingo to help you achieve your goal. Learning a language is a great exercise for your brain and keeps your mind sharp in retirement.

Need a little motivation to keep at it? If you have the opportunity, book a getaway to your chosen destination – this gives you a goal to focus on and will motivate you to continue learning!


8. Volunteering

You might be blown away by how good doing some good can feel. A brilliant confidence booster which will expand your social circle, volunteering your time to good causes is a fantastic summer and all-year-round hobby for retirees.

Whether you’re helping in a local charity shop, befriending older members of your community, assisting with events at local schools or raising money for your favourite charity, there are all sorts of volunteering opportunities out there for retirees to uncover.

Did you know our team at Homewise are volunteering and supporting Guild Care and Time to Talk Befriending this year? Learn more about our recent days with the two charities and keep an eye on our Facebook page for news about our big charity fundraiser!