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If you have grandchildren it may be that over the Easter holidays your babysitting services are more in demand than usual, so it’s worthwhile having a few ideas to hand. Suggestions for how to keep the children entertained, whatever the weather.

So, if you’re in need of inspiration for things to do to enjoy time with your loved ones over the Easter holidays check out our list of four things to do with the family whether we have sunshine or snow.


1. Embrace nature 

April is an unpredictable month when it comes to the weather, one minute sunshine, the next rain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a walk through the woods, or along the beach. You can even take a picnic or some snacks. Add a few outdoor games like rounders or something simple like catch and you’ve got the makings of a lovely afternoon.

Though no two Easter weekends are the same, mid-April brings with it the beauty of bluebell season. It lasts for just a few weeks, so why not take some time and make the most of your nearest bluebell woods for a morning walk and enjoy the beauty of the delicate flowers en masse. Make it into something a little more with some bird spotting or a flower, tree and plant scavenger hunt.


2. Set up a crafting station

Crafting is something that can be done both indoors and out, depending on the weather. It definitely makes for easy clean-up if you’re able to keep use of the glue and paint outside. Even better, everyone can get involved.

There are a lot of things that you can do, from dyeing eggs bright colours to use as a table decoration, to having an Easter bonnet competition.

Grandmother and granddaughter painting Easter eggs

What’s better than making an outlandish bonnet using a low-price baseball cap or hat you found in a charity shop with feathers and flowers? There are so many fun designs to choose from. 

If there’s one thing most households aren’t short of at Easter it’s chocolate, and there’s nothing like making your own mini eggs or chocolate bars to eat, and it’s great fun trying different shapes using moulds or items you can find around the house. 


3. Easter egg hunt

This can be fun for every generation and can be made into a game that lasts for hours. Setting up a hunt in the garden is great, but if the weather isn’t the best, you can always bring it inside and hide the eggs in cupboards, under beds or behind books on the shelf. If you want to make it even more exciting you can make it into a scavenger hunt complete with clues, sites like Mas & Pas have clues designed for different age groups.

There are plenty of ideas for you to use if you’re thinking of a way to set up an Easter egg hunt of your own. Of course, there are Easter Egg hunts organised by and held at National Trust properties across the country which could offer the grandchildren an exciting hunt across beautiful grounds while you take in the sights.


4. Make some treats

Baking is a fun skill to pass on to the next generations and whether you’re making cupcakes or biscuits for an Easter nature walk, or for the grandchildren to take home after a day spent together.

The great thing about baking is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many really simple biscuit recipes to try, and an entire afternoon can easily be spent with icing and hundreds and thousands decorating them.  

Grandmother, daughter and granddaughter baking biscuits

If you're looking to make something fun to make and decorate, what better sweet than a chocolate cornflake nest? Such an easy and quick recipe and you can definitely get the children involved (with the making and the eating).? With the addition of a few small chocolate eggs they can be a great treat for Easter afternoon tea.


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