3 Simple Steps to Find your Dream Home | Homewise


Step 1 - Know your budget

You’re thinking about moving but do you know what you can afford? Get 2 or 3 valuations from local estate agents and determine what your current property is worth. This will help you understand the potential capital you could use to fund your next move.

To establish a feasible budget, your calculations should include any debts or mortgage to be cleared, cost of new furniture and any future savings needed.

Working out a clear and honest breakdown of your finances will help make your dream move a reality. If you want to clear debt, reserve savings and secure inheritance, you need to know the budget you are working with from the start. Use our FREE simple calculator to help you work out your budget.




Step 2 - Focus on your priorities

When it comes to house-hunting it can be easy to lose sight of the end goal. Remember why you are moving and decide what your property must have. Next consider what it should offer, then the wish list you’d love. When location is key for example, refine your search to match the priority.

By keeping sight of the target and really focusing on what’s important, you’ll feel motivated by the right search results and able to discover that dream home sooner.



Step 3 - Explore your options

Do you know what’s out there? Property searching is primarily online these days, and with such a fast-moving market it can be easy to miss opportunities daily.

Online property companies like Rightmove and Zoopla offer easy to use searching portals, with advanced filtering so you can really narrow down the options. You could find the ideal home in just a few clicks.

Make sure you ask the experts for help. Here at Homewise we support people through every step of the process and have been helping people secure dream homes for over 40 years. Did you know there are options available that could save you up to 59%* on the price of your next property? Opportunities like these could give you more choice and more control over your next move.

Take advantage of the guidance available and save yourself the stress of searching alone. Your dream home could be just around the corner.



Need help with your search? Get in touch with our property experts today. We can answer any questions you have about moving home and help calculate your potential budget.

If you’re over 60 years old, our Home for Life Plan offers a simple and straight forward way for you to secure your next home at a fraction of the price with no rent or mortgage repayments. Contact our friendly team to discuss your bespoke quote. We’re here to help.


Alternatively, why not try our online Budget Booster? It's quick, easy, simple to use and could help you understand your budget possibilities for your next move. 


*Savings range from 8.5% to 59% and depend on the customer’s age, personal circumstances and property criteria. Only available to those over sixty years old.