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To find the perfect job to suit you and your retirement lifestyle, there are a few key considerations to think about first. Asking these questions will help you decide what your motivation is. For example, are you searching because of money reasons, boredom, or both perhaps? If money is a concern, how much do you need to earn and how will working affect your current financial support?

Consider your previous experience and personal hobbies, ask yourself what you want to spend time on and what you would find fulfilling in your retirement.


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Now you understand your motivation, you may be after a little inspiration and looking for ideas on what direction you could go in.

Broaden your search and consider all your potential options. Read on for 10+ interesting ideas for part-time jobs which could be perfect for you during retirement.

Not sure what the jobs are? Click the links to see a job description from the National Career Service.

1. Freelance Consultant

Being retired means you’ve got a wealth of experience to tap in to. Why not share your knowledge and expertise and become a Consultant! This role can be applied to any industry. You could work with a variety of businesses and, as a Freelance Consultant, you have the freedom to set your own hours and hourly rate.

2. Proof-Reader

Do you have an eye for detail? If errors and mistakes jump off the page at you, have you thought about turning your reading hobbies in to a career and becoming a Proof-Reader? This job can be done from home and could be as big or little a commitment as you like.

3. Passenger Assistant

Do you enjoy helping people? Passenger Assistants help Community Transport Drivers take those with additional support needs, like disabilities or vulnerable children for example, to and from locations. This role is perfectly suited to retirees as the working hours are typically 2-3hrs in the morning and/or afternoons. If you have the experience and relevant licenses, you could work as a Driver in the community and support local organisations with their transport services.

4. Medical Administration

There are a variety of part-time roles available within the medical industry, including patient support and administration positions, which may not require medical qualifications. If you love to be organised and enjoy helping people, have you considered working as a Medical Administrator? Admin roles in any field can be great for retirees as employers often require shorter hours and part-time job shares.

5. Event Staff

Get social in your retirement and spend time getting paid to meet people and attend events you love! Event Staff roles are varied and could include part-time opportunities such as Ticket Takers, Ushers and Event Planners perhaps. Think about seasonal or regular events you attend, or would like to, and see if they’re hiring this year.


Child Drawing, Art Gallery


6. Classroom Teaching Assistant

If you have experience working in education, or simply enjoy a learning environment, you could be well suited to teaching! A Teaching Assistant supports the classroom Teacher and works during school hours. You may find the opportunity to do this role part-time or as a job share. If the classroom is a bit active for you, have you considered a part-time volunteer position at the local school?

7. Retail Assistant

Retail is such a broad term that the possibilities are almost endless! Consider your hobbies and interests. If you love flowers, would you like to spend your time working in a Florists or Garden Centre perhaps? Does a cosy hotel appeal to you? A Hotel Receptionist can be a friendly face and a warm welcome to guests, and a great opportunity to meet new people in your retirement.

8. Customer Service and Support

If you’re good with people, then a job in Customer Service may be the answer to your job search. With many opportunities available, and potential to work in pretty much any industry, you could find your new job almost immediately. Customer support and experience is key to a business’ success and sharing your many years’ experience will be valuable to a potential employer.

9. Travel Staff

Looking for an adventure in your retirement? Why not focus your new career in the travel industry? If you have foreign language skills, you could work as a Translator or Interpreter both at home and abroad. Or perhaps you’d like to set sail and take advantage of a variety of roles on a cruise ship! If you’re feeling creative, why not share your travel experience and become a Writer?

10. House Sitter

A new concept in recent years but the opportunity to look after a home for someone has now become a job! Most positions are either low-paid or voluntary, but you could use this as an opportunity to travel, both around the UK and abroad. You can browse a variety of websites and directories, for example Trusted Housesitters and House Sitting UK, to find the perfect place to stay. Many homeowners are also after pet sitting services, so you could enjoy the company of a loving dog without the cost or commitment of having your own!


If you are considering returning to work during your retirement, it’s a good idea to check how this change may affect your current finances. The Gov.UK website has helpful information on working after state pension age which you may like to read.

Got spare time on your hands? Don’t forget your local charities and community organisations will always be after volunteers! Read our blog for more inspiring ideas for volunteering this year. Above all, you should enjoy your leisure time and be happy in your retirement.

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