How to achieve a swifter sale - 3 mistakes to avoid

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You are planning for your future in your new home but, before you can settle into the dream, you need to secure a buyer for your current property.

Rightmove recently reported their busiest ever month for online property searches. So, with high volumes of searches happening every day, why hasn’t your property sold?

There are many factors that can affect why your property might not be selling; typically, it will come down to 3 areas...

  1. Wrong asking price
  2. Unappealing photos
  3. Not appearing in search results 

Not sure if these apply to you? Read on. We’re here to help you avoid these mistakes and ensure you find the right buyer for your property sooner!


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Best Price

The first common mistake to avoid when selling your property is to advertise at the wrong price. A price that is too high could put off prospective buyers – that’s if they even see your property in their search results.

Remember house-hunters will set filters on their search results, if your property is above their price range it may not ever be seen. Be sure to advertise at the best price for your property and your area.

Asking the right price for your property can be tough to calculate, that’s where the right choice in estate agent comes in. Take advantage of their expert knowledge and get at least 3 independent valuations before deciding which agents(s) to list with, and for how much.

To avoid listing your property at the wrong price, you can also do your own research. Have you had a look at what other properties in your area have sold for?

When researching your property value, identifying the previous selling prices of houses on your road or in your area could be a good indication of the local property value and overall interest. Find comparable properties that are similar in size and condition; this may help you to estimate the approximate price, prior to agent valuations.

Not sure where to begin? Rightmove offer a quick, easy and free service; all you have to do is enter your postcode! This could potentially help you determine the best price for your property. 

Read our ultimate guide to calculating your property’s worth, complete with tips on how you can attract more prospective buyers and get the best offers sooner!


Best Photos

Did you know the most active home hunters use Rightmove multiple times a day when searching for their next home?

So, our property experts recommend asking your estate agent to change your first photo at least every 2 weeks for another chance to grab the attention of regular searchers. Keep it fresh!

A common mistake to avoid when trying to sell is to have your property go unnoticed or be ignored. Having poor quality photos or those which do not highlight your key features on your property particulars could be costing you.

Check your particulars and online listings are really selling your property in the best light by performing your own quick property search. Does it stand out from the crowd? If not, could new photos help?

Try out the tips in our quick guide to taking the best photos of your home and ask your agent to pop back round, you could find renewed interest from prospective buyers instantly!


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Best Position Online

House-hunters are likely to be browsing online for months before committing to buying a property. With an estimated 110,000 properties having come to the market in the last month alone, is your property being missed in a sea of search results?

Properties on Rightmove get the most views during the first two weeks online. Older listings run the risk of going stale and can sink in search results, moving further down the list for prospective buyers to scroll through.

Your estate agent should work with you to recommend how to present a competitive listing. This may include improving your description and keywords or reducing your price. Refreshing your listing can bring it to the top of results again and improve your chances of grabbing the attention of regular scrollers.

Do you know how your online property listing is currently performing? Ask your agent to view your property Marketing report and if it shows you are continually getting less views than similar properties, you could have a problem and may need to make changes.

Watch a behind the scenes video on how agents can use the property marketing report to help you make the best decisions.

Best Agent?

Estate agents are provided with all the tools they need to help you sell your property online, but is your chosen agent measuring up?

Take a look at this estate agents guide to marketing from Rightmove and see if your agent has recommended the best ways to market your property.

Remember you are their customer; you should expect the best service and if they are not delivering then the time may come to find a better agent for your needs.


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Need help selling your property?

To sell your property you need viewings. Understand the true value of your property and do your best to maximise its saleability.

You want it to appeal to prospective buyers. So, whether your property is overpriced, the photos aren’t selling its best features, or the listing has gone stale, you and your agent need to do whatever you can to attract interest, together. This will help you find the right buyer and enable you to move to your new home sooner.

Top tip: Be open to advice and honest about the value and asking price of your property. By reducing the price within 40 days of it being on Rightmove or Zoopla, you stand the best chance of selling sooner and achieving the dream move you are after.

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By Danielle

On 28th of February 2020

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