What is the Home for Life Plan?

The Home for Life Plan is a unique property purchase option that gives you a significant discount on the purchase price of your next home. In simple terms, it allows you to purchase your home for your lifetime through a Home for Life lease which is registered at Land Registry. 

Legally, you are the lifetime owner of this property and to all intents and purposes, it is yours to do with as you wish – paint, wallpaper, new carpets – until you pass away or move into full time care. It's not a loan or a mortgage, so there are no monthly repayments or interest charged, and you'll have all the security of a home for life. 

As part of the plan, you also have the option to safeguard up to 50% of the property's future value for an inheritance, so you can take advantage of any increase in property value to leave a cash sum to your loved ones.  

Your Home for Life Plan discount can be anywhere between 8.5% and 59% depending on your age, personal circumstances, property criteria and how much you choose to leave for an inheritance. 

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Moving From Abroad?

With house prices on the up, finding a home in the UK that suits your lifestyle and your budget can be rather tricky. With our Home for Life discount, however, the UK property market is instantly more achievable and our Move Simply service could help you to arrange viewings, manage solicitors and update your utilities easily from abroad. All you need to do is bring the weather back with you, please.

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What about inheritance?

You can retain up to 50% of your property’s future value to pass onto your loved ones. There’s plenty more information in our FAQs.

How am I protected?

Your lifetime lease is protected in law and through the Land Registry. Find out more about how we protect you and your family.