A bit about us

Our aim is to revolutionise retirement in the UK. It's a rather grand statement, we know, but we want to give everyone, no matter what their circumstances, the chance to retire happy. To have the security of a safe home in a nice area. To be free from money worries. To have that garden for the dogs to run around in and those extra rooms for the grandchildren to stay in. Basically, we don't think anyone should be stuck in unsuitable housing, and we want to help. And with our team of property experts, sales specialists and customer service professionals, we've already changed the face of retirement for thousands of people across the UK.

Homewise so far

We've been specialising in home purchase options for the over 60s for more than forty years now. Back in 1971, Reg Neal noticed that several of his friends and colleagues were struggling to find suitable, affordable housing as they got older. The more he looked into it, the more it seemed to him that far too many people were stuck in unsuitable housing with unmanageable repayments, and with no way out.

So, he bought some houses for his friends, did them up, and charged a significantly reduced one-off fee to cover the costs. Nowadays, this is known as the Home for Life Plan. Homewise is still family-owned and run, with Reg's sons Mark, Justin and Sean taking over several years ago now.

Our Partners

We partner with several estate agencies, home builders and other companies in order to make our products available to as many people as possible. All of these partner agencies are thoroughly vetted, and all are experts in their field. Working closely with them allows us to remain one step ahead of the property market, and in turn helps us get the best results for you.