Move home, raise money and retire happy

Join the hundreds of over 60s that are realising their dream retirements with the Home for Life Plan.

In fact, since 2007, we’ve purchased £116 million pounds worth of property for our customers using the Home for Life Plan, our unique home purchase option for people over 60. Our Home for Life Plan provides an incredible discount of up to 59% off the sale price of almost any property in the UK, so as you can imagine, there are plenty of reasons why people choose to buy with us. Move areas, create an early inheritance or simply increase your property budget, the choice is yours.

So what exactly is the Home for Life Plan?

The Home for Life Plan is a unique property purchase option that can give you a significant discount from the price of your next home. It works by simply allowing you to purchase your home for your lifetime and protecting your lifetime ownership at Land Registry.

We’ll purchase the property on your behalf and you then pay us a one-off sum to live in this property for the rest of your life, giving you a significant discount from the property’s market value. This discount can be anywhere between 8.5% and 59% and whilst you can’t pass the property itself on to your estate, you can choose to retain up to 50% of the property’s future value for an inheritance.

The discount you will receive is based on your age, personal circumstances and property criteria and the maximum you can receive is 59%. We are able to apply our discount to any property in England and Wales as long as it is of standard construction and meets our company property criteria.

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