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Moving home later in life can be a daunting experience at times and deciding on a new property is a big decision. That’s why the Homewise team are there to support you every step of the way. 

We’ve been helping people find the right home for their retirement for nearly 50 years now. In recent years our service has evolved to include full support throughout the entire moving process.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do here at Homewise, and our in-house team of property experts recognised that many of our customers needed extra assistance. There were often situations where a customer may need transport to a viewing or just wanted to have someone with them who could offer an unbiased eye. So, in 2018, we introduced our viewing days service.

“Homewise were amazing, so caring. They did everything to make it all go smoothly, even coming out with me to view houses. Nothing was too much trouble.” - Mrs Croucher, Homewise customer

Our dedicated Property Consultants are matched with customers and will focus solely on helping find the ideal property, and join them to view each potential property during the search.

Our passionate team are dedicated to helping you find the perfect home for your retirement. They can be as involved, or not, as you wish and are able to conduct thorough property searches to find potential homes that meet your criteria, and are in your chosen area.



What to expect from a viewing day

Our Property Consultants are on hand to accompany you throughout your search to ensure you find the perfect property. They’ll spend time really getting to know you and find out what, for you, makes a house a home. 

“We dig a bit deeper and find out how they like to live, how they use the space inside and outside of the property, what can’t they live without, what do they want from their next property, what makes a house a home. So that when we search for properties, we can see it through their eyes” - Charlotte, Property Consultant

When a viewing day is arranged, the Property Consultant will pick you up at an agreed time, factoring in traffic to get to the first appointment. They'll make the most out of your day together, possibly arranging multiple viewings at different times to fill the day, and keep each property fresh in your mind.

Rest assured, the day is tailored specifically to you and your needs, so that you feel comfortable throughout the process. Searching for your new home should be an exciting prospect, and it’s our job to make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

The relationship between you and Homewise up until this point can be fairly formal as we gather information on your circumstances, goals and aspirations for the future. During the viewing days, you’ll get to really spend time with the team and build relationships that last throughout your journey to you new home.

“The role allows me to genuinely change people’s lives and provide the confidence this is right for them. We build such strong relationships I genuinely know after only a short time whether a property will suit a particular customer, you could call it telepathy...” - Tony, Property Consultant



Why accompanied viewing days are beneficial

Our team won’t just help you envisage living in the property itself, but also the area as well. Our experts will look out for doctors, dentists, shops, buses and more! All so you can have the reassurance that everything has been considered and you can feel confident in your decision making. 

Our Property Consultants will support you and give you an unbiased opinion, they’ll also give you a subjective viewpoint, and remove the emotion from the process. They can ask the agents the tough questions and help you to compare the properties you’ve seen. By choosing an accompanied viewing day, you’re able to relax and see if this is the property for you, without worrying if everything has been considered.

“The best part of our job is helping them achieve their goals. Helping them to envisage their retirement and making it a reality. Supporting and guiding through the options and working out how they’ll make that property, their home.” - Charlotte, Property Consultant

For some people, getting a neutral opinion and having someone see the property without the emotion attached to it, gives them the confidence to make the right choices and an informed decision about their new home.

Many people we help do not drive or cannot easily attend viewings, others are simply looking for support during the search to ask questions and look for any underlying issues with the property or location. No matter your circumstances, our team are on hand to make your search as stress-free as possible.

“I don’t drive so Charlotte picked us up. I have never laughed so much, she did an excellent job of keeping us going.” - Mrs Franklin, Homewise customer


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How to book a viewing day

Accompanied ‘Viewing Days’ are available to all Home for Life Plan customers through our free Move Simply service.

Our dedicated Property Consultants are available to accompany Homewise customers during their viewings, to ensure they find their perfect home. This part of the moving process comes following the initial consultation, when you are actively searching for your next home. Want to know more? Just contact our team quoting your unique customer reference for further details.

Thinking of moving home? Could you benefit from an accompanied viewing day during your search? Find out more about our Home for Life Plan and free Move Simply service by calling our friendly Customer Service team on 0808 271 9503 today.

In the meantime, you can use our online Budget Booster! It's simple, quick and could provide you with a better understanding of your potential budget.