Volunteering and supporting the community during Coronavirus

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Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, life as we once knew it just a few months ago is entirely different. The global pandemic has caused governments to introduce lockdown measures as the world strives to fight the virus.

During this time of uncertainty, a common sentiment has emerged – stay safe. For many that means stay home and stay isolated. But we are not alone.

Across the globe, communities, charities and volunteers and uniting to support those in need and ensure essentials are provided. And that includes essential human connection.

Through the wonders of technology many can remain connected with loved ones and make new friends in these strange times.

Whether you are looking to volunteer your time, fundraise for worthy causes or indeed receive charitable aid yourself, this quick guide will help point you in the right direction.


Volunteering during Coronavirus

The National Health Service (NHS), in association with the GoodSam app, sent out a plea on 24th March which was swiftly closed on the 29th due to the sheer volume of applicants looking to help. They asked for 250,000 to help support the community through delivering medicines, driving patients to appointments and continuing vital phone line services to the vulnerable – and they received over 750,000 in a matter of hours!

While the “NHS Volunteer Responders” initiative has paused applicant processing at this time, there are many other services and local organisations you can become involved with during this time.

Whether you are on furlough leave, awaiting a return to education or simply want to help whenever you can, here are a few links to get you started:

Volunteer and connect with blind and low-vision people to provide visual assistance, solving tasks big and small and help people lead more independent lives, all through a live video call.


Become a community reserve volunteer to help your community get back on track in the event of a major local emergency. This may be particularly important right now as they are working with the authorities to support the Covid-19 response.


Citizens Advice has a huge range of ways to get involved, either with local Citizens Advice or Witness Service, and you can search for opportunities in your area using your postcode.


Use this easy-to-use online system to find a variety of volunteering opportunities in your area, simply type in your postcode.


Find further information and resources about volunteering and supporting Coronavirus causes.


Become an online mentor to young people through the Prince’s Trust; share your knowledge and experience to help a young person get ahead in life.


Whether you’re an organisation or an individual looking for opportunities, Reach Volunteering offers a simple service to connect people, skills and good causes.


A cause close to our hearts, TTTB provide vital services to the older community suffering with loneliness. This is important for our older community now more than ever, you can become a telephone befriender and enjoy telephone conversations, providing a lifeline and connection to those in need.


Food banks in the Trussell Trust network need your help to continue to provide essential community services to people in crisis. Find your local food banks and opportunities via their website.


Put your skills and experience to good use through supporting the UN volunteering programme – “Online volunteering is a force for global development”.


Complete resource of guides, safety tips and search system to locate volunteering opportunities in your area – enter your postcode and distance radius.


This is an easy-to-use volunteer recruiting tool; search opportunities through interests and skills to match with organisations with available opportunities.


Prepared food and Sainsburys


Our own Homewise team have been able to volunteer their time, skills and experience to support a variety of causes during this time too.

Senior Property Consultant, Luke, recommended the Acorn charity service, whereby he is contacted to deliver food and medicines to those in need. This is particularly useful for the older community and those who are self-isolating.

Kayla, one of the newer members of the Homewise team in the Property department, has been prepping meals for her neighbours, making packed lunches and Easter care packages for the NHS and is even starting an online blog with a friend to help people talk who may be struggling with their mental health whilst in lockdown. Don’t forget, there are many mental health and wellbeing benefits to volunteering also, as shared on the Help Guide website.

As a Property Consultant at Homewise, Kayla is used to supporting our customers and wanted to help those in need as much as she can during this time. She has also taken part in the ‘run 5k, donate £5, nominate 5 people’ challenge which is circulating through social media.

Are you seeing any ‘challenges’ and fundraising causes across your social media accounts? Share with us your stories and causes via our Facebook page.


Fundraising and donating during Coronavirus

Have you heard of Captain Tom Moore and his 100 laps before turning 100? Of course you have, who could miss the media coverage of such a truly inspirational feat!

He set out to raise £1,000 for the NHS before his 100th birthday on 30th April – and at the time of writing had already exceeded £19,000,000 (£19 million!) in just a few days. The viral sensation has captured the nation’s heart and we hope the WWII veteran will receive the knighthood so many are calling for.


Support Captain Moore


While we each may not reach the dizzying heights of Captain Moore’s fundraising amount, we too can support local charities and community organisations, along with the larger services, by fundraising – with online platforms such as Just Giving providing simple ways to collect donations.

Do you have a cause you’d like to support? Many websites have links to donate online, such as:


Finding help during Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, it’s a challenging time for many, particularly with the uncertainty of how long this may continue for and with so many jobs affected.

We would always recommend continuing to talk to friends and family, and remaining connected to organisations your are already speaking with; however for those who may need to seek new help, here are just a few resources which you may find useful at this time:


One of our Senior Consultants, Rhonda, this week discovered that one of her customers had no food in the house and no way of getting supplies. She immediately set up a food parcel for her and has also set up a regular delivery for the foreseeable future.

If you, or anyone you know, are struggling and in need of support, be sure to use the links above, or reach out to anyone you are able to, to ask for a helping hand during this difficult time.


Planning for the future, we’re here to help

While the health and wellbeing of our customers and our staff remains our top priority, we are operating as ‘normally’ as we can be during these times, adapting to working remotely.

If you’re aged 60 or over, Homewise may be able to help you plan for your future and find happiness in your retirement. Our Home for Life Plan provides security and peace of mind for those we help and can be applied to pretty much any property on the open market in England or Wales!

Call our team on 0800 043 4488 to learn more about or service and discuss how we may be able to help you find your dream home for the future.

In the meantime, you can use our online Budget Booster! It's simple, quick and could provide you with a better understanding of your potential budget.

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On 17th of April 2020

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