How can I get my home valued during Coronavirus?

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With the outbreak of Coronavirus, things changed very quickly for the estate agents. One day their offices were open, the next they are working from home. But the good news is, through the power of technology, the majority are operating in a ‘business as usual’ fashion.


Please note: At the time of publishing this information was correct. You can keep up to date with any changes to the property market, by reading the Government guidelines, which are continually being updated. 


Embracing the use of technology

A range of the technology they are using and relying upon has in fact been around for some time. It can take a moment or two to adapt of course, regardless of who you are, but we are now recognising ways in which the technology we have been surrounded by can make life a little easier when it comes to moving home during Coronavirus.

Take for instance video phone calls. This isn’t a new thing. Today, estate agents are taking advantage of this functionality to conduct virtual viewings and even property valuations!

You, as a potential seller, simply show an estate agent around your home through a video call, and the agent will ask you a number of questions to gain a good understanding of your property. If you have an iPhone or iPad this could be done using Facetime; if you have another form of device, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom for example are popular choices - there are a number of free services out there, depending on your preference. 

Try our quick guide for simple steps on how to set up a Skype account to get you started.


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Why haven’t agents been doing virtual valuations in the first place?

Well, it’s always better to have face to face meetings, offering the opportunity for the agent to form a relationship with the vendor, and to really get a good feel for the property.

This is still achieved via video call technology to a certain extent and agents are now embracing the opportunities these technological solutions provide during Coronavirus. Who knows, one day this method of virtual property valuation could become the norm!

If you’re uncomfortable with video calling, you could submit either a video or photos taken by yourself of your home and send these to the estate agent to view, without this being 'live'.


Take advantage of their expert knowledge

It’s not all about the video call though of course. Estate agents by their profession are the experts. When choosing an estate agent, look for one that has been well established in your local area for some time. Their years of knowledge of the local market, the types of properties that sell, backed up with a database full of property hunters and knowing what they’re looking for, is absolutely invaluable to you. This information is what ensures that you receive an accurate valuation.

Having built up a clear picture of your property and with the added insight that can be gained by GoogleMaps, Google Earth, Rightmove and other portals, the estate agent will then typically present to you evidence of similar properties that have sold in the area, providing you with a good indication of the value of your property.

Once you have a realistic valuation of your home, you can then start to research and plan your future move.

Not sure which agent to choose? Give us a quick call and we can put you in touch with one of our trusted partner estate agents to provide you with a valuation!

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By Kerry

On 17th of April 2020

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